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Rebsie Fairholm ... ethereal English psych-folk piped straight in from the underworld.

Luna Trick ... Daniel Staniforth explores the alt-rock realms between funk, ethereal, industrial, psych-jazz, and rock.

Alchymical Muse ... transmutations of cello and voices in spine-tingling harmonies and mystical incantations.

Daniel Staniforth ... classically trained cellist composing in a variety of genres from classical, impressionist, atonal, ambient, and ethereal.

Tricks Upon Travellers 2 ... an alternative view of politico folk rock, big guitars, accordion and fiddle, darkly lyrical yet very satisfying.

  Seven Star Green    
    Rebsie Fairholm : Seven Star Green
  Rebsie Fairholm : Mind The Gap   Tricks Upon Travellers 2 : From Another Plaice
    Prophetic Guesses   Hoar Frost Sheen   Total Submersion

About us ...

Sonic Spongecake is a British independent record label, founded in July 2008 initially to release Rebsie Fairholm's debut album in its first fully pressed edition (it was originally released as a hand-made edition). Since then we have teamed up with Flowforth Productions in the USA, expanding our list of artists and ensuring good distribution on both sides of the Atlantic.

The climate for music media has changed so much in recent years with a diversity of formats emerging for a diversity of tastes. All our listed albums are factory pressed, but it's our aim to branch out with an additional series of collectible hand-made limited edition releases.

Sonic Spongecake is a musicians' co-operative and all income from CD sales is paid direct to the artists.

You can buy all our albums directly from us through our catalogue page. Prices are in £ GBP but we will ship anywhere in the world. Most titles are also available from our Amazon mini-store.

  Luna Trick : Prophetic Guesses
  Luna Trick : Hoar Frost Sheen   Luna Trick : Total Submersion
    Father to Father   Alchymical Muse    
    Daniel Staniforth : Father to Father   Alchymical Muse