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  Rebsie Fairholm: Seven Star Green   OUT ON AUGUST 28th 2009   Pre-order now from Amazon UK    

Seven Star Green


The second album from acclaimed English psych-folk artist Rebsie Fairholm, Seven Star Green builds on the foundations of her debut album with an extra dimension of sophisication and musical artistry. With a voice that is haunting and compelling in equal measure she explores both original and traditional music, combining a deep understanding of musical heritage with an innovative contemporary fusion of ethereal cello and gothic-flavoured rock.

Stand out tracks include "The Cursing Song", poignant in its sweetly rhythmic damnation, the lyrically intelligent "Molotov Spongecake" with its hybrid of retro piano and electric guitar, the traditional "Our Captain Cried" in a bed of haunting cello tones, a psychedelic 16th century "Pavane" and a magnificently epic psych-folk rendition of the mediaeval "Lyke Wake Dirge".

  Luna Trick: Prophetic Guesses   RELEASED AUGUST 1st 2009   Available now from Amazon UK    
  Prophetic Guesses  

Prophetic Guesses is the third album from Luna Trick and the hardest and darkest to date. A much more guitar oriented sound this time out, Daniel Staniforth explores the alt-rock realms between funk, ethereal, industrial, psych-jazz, and rock.

The thing that makes Luna Trick stand out among alt-rock artists is his extraordinary singing voice ... deep and resonant and full of expression. And he writes excellent songs with intelligent lyrics. Apart from a couple of more ethereal pieces, this album is dark and guitar-driven with a very tightly played and strong sense of rhythm.

Stand out tracks include the exquisitely melodic "Night Healer", the richly textured "The Potter's Wheel" with its warm soft vocals spun around a wall of crunchy guitar, the Bowiesque vocals on "Lost Circus", and the darkly ethereal "Magic Shadow".