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The Avalon Group Study Course

The aim of the study course is to train Adepts. That is to say, we aim to train our students to become independent within themselves: unswayed by dogma, knowledgeable in the forms and powers of the Inner worlds, skilled in the practice of ritual magic, strong in their own beliefs and purpose, and above all able to make their own contact with the Inner Plane Adepti and respond to their guidance.

 There are three aspects to the study course.

1. Hermetic/Qabalist Magic

2. Green Ray/Faery/Elemental/Natural Magic

3. Devotional/Esoteric Christian Magic

Our  approach is one of balance between head and heart; belief without sentimentality or credulity, analysis without cynicism. Magic requires dedicated students of a strong constitution, and participation by those with no deep-seated psychological imbalances, for we are working with vibrant forces which cannot fail to have effects in our daily lives.

All students are individually supervised by an experienced member of the group, initially through a correspondence course. However, much of the practice of magical work is taught during the group’s weekend meetings which take place regularly throughout the year at Hawkwood College, Stroud. Students are given plenty of opportunity to experience magical ritual at its best, to work alongside the experienced members of the group and gradually to take more responsibility. These weekends provide a concentrated and powerful experience of the spiritual worlds and the purpose and use of magical ritual. There are five weekend meetings each year.

Our work is conducted under the aegis and protection of Christ - not through the accepted Christianity of the established churches, but the Christ of ‘The Chapel in the Forest.’


First Degree (10 monthly lessons)

  1. Daily meditation on a series of given symbols and Inner concepts.
  2. Reading and study of the Qabala and the symbolism and attributes of the Tree of Life.
  3. Study of the theory of magical ritual.
  4. Study of the hidden traditions of Arthurian and Grail legend.
  5. Reading and study of Knowledge Papers on the Qabala and other related magical topics.

Second Degree (6 monthly lessons, followed by practical work taking approximately two years to complete)

  1. A series of daily meditations on the universal forms, forces and patterns behind all created life, based on the universal pattern described in The Cosmic Doctrine.
  2. Practical magical work: experiencing the powers and attributes of the four elements as they manifest throughout the whole of creation. Experiencing and balancing these powers and attributes within your own consciousness, and expressing them in balance and harmony in your daily life. This work, which forms the basis of the 2nd Degree, takes the student through a series of elemental initiations.
  3. Under supervision, write short rituals of dedication/consecration, perhaps also short guided  imaginative journeys or pathworkings if the student so wishes.
  4. After successful completion of the first six months work of the 2nd Degree, students will be invited to attend group meetings. There are five weekend meetings each year.
  5. Continued work in establishing communication with the group’s Inner plane                guides and contacts.

Dedicand (approximately four months)

This is a period of preparation for the deeper, on-going work that lies beyond the study course. Completion of this stage may lead to Initiation into the Greater Mysteries.


Please note that we are primarily a practical working group and our study course is aimed towards training students to become an active member of the group. We regret that we can therefore only offer our training to those who are able to attend a minimum of three weekend meetings each year.

The cost of a weekend meeting at Hawkwood is currently (2012) £95.00 for a single room and £80.00 for a shared room. This covers use of all facilities and accommodation, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, and all tuition fees.

The cost of the Study Course is £50.00 for each of the 1st and 2nd Degrees.

Three text-books will be required in the first year: Gareth Knight: A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism (Kahn and Averill); Gareth Knight: The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend (Weiser); and Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight: An Introduction to Ritual Magic (Thoth Publications.
In the 2nd Degree, the text book used is Dion Fortune: The Cosmic Doctrine.

All these books are readily available through booksellers or Amazon.

The student is also encouraged to read widely in myth and legend, Qabala, esoteric Christianity, and the world of Faery, and is particularly encouraged to read some of the original Arthurian and Grail legends such as Malory’s Morte d’Arthur.