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Fastjeff's Bare Mnt. Railroad Home Page

Welcome to the world of N-scale

An Overview of the Layout
The Interstate Under Construction
Rip Rap Ridge
Baldwin transfer loco
Transfer loco crossing the Jessie Creek Bridge
Another View of a Consist Crossing the Jessie Creek Bridge
An Overview of Hicksville and Central City
Hard Working Steamer Climbing Bare Mnt.
Outbound Freight Crossing Tressle at Bare Mnt.
The Dean Rice Coal Mine; the Bare's Best Customer
Crossing the Jessie Creek Bridge: A Conductor's View
Crossing the Lower Bridge over Raff Prouie River
Closeup of Central City
Trains Meet in Bill Wilson Canyon (Raff Prouie River)
An Overview of Red Rock and the The Interstate
Central City's Busy Passenger Station
An Overview of Red Rock, the Interstate, and Central City
UP Passenger Special Rounds a Curve at Bare Mnt.
An Overview of The Hicksville Freight Yard
The Warbird Restoration Center (and JMK Coal Prep. Plant)
Closeup of the Huge JMK Coal Prep. Plant
The Bare Mountain's First (and only) F Unit
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