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When the clouds of fantasy lift, and we are left with the stark realities of life,
may we all look better than we think we do..................
Our first the desert, under the moon, the cool breezes waving over our bodies,
passions unleashed, excitement unfettered, needs let loose, arousal unrestrained, the promise of pleasures never before dreamt of, suddenly being realized
Dream with me

To my WONDERFUL Children..

You have become such beautiful young adults,
and although we have had some tough times,
I am so thankful for the wonderful things in our lives.
I am proud of you both .. I love you always.

Nana, The Worlds #1 MOTHER
I thank the good Lord everyday for blessing me with such a beautiful,
incredible mother. Words alone can never express how much you mean to me....
I love you Mom...

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Yahoo ID: Desert422

~*~UPDATED: MARCH 2005~*~

Please take the time to check it out, I'll bet you won't be disappointed. :o)

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