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Des' Favorite Links

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MyGuy's favorite artist ~ This guy is both real and raw ... he tells it how it is .. and FU if you don't like it ..You have to give him credit .. he lives his life for himself .. not to please others! You go babe!

Draico's Art This site belongs to a great friend of mine Draico ~ He's from Sin City, (Las Vegas) ..
He's into computer generated art and this site is totally dedicated to his work... Enjoy :-o)

Gizoogle Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit ~ If ya need space n tizzle ta chiznill git a griznip n visit gizoogle

Neurotically Yours A place to blow your mind & waste your time! Parental Advisory ~ Explict Content ~

MS-DOS Help and Commands When was the last time you need a DOS command and couldn't remember exactly how to express it?!
I'm an old tyme computer geek ... and couldn't function without DOS

Try Yahoo! Messenger * Communicate via text, video and voice in real time for FREE
* Listen to LAUNCHcast Radio and challenge friends to Yahoo! Games
* Express yourself with Audibles, Emoticons and Avatars

ICQ One of the GREATEST personal communication program on the web. If ya got it.. Good. Ya don't, then hit this site and download it .. totally awesome program, it's a great way to stay in touch with peeps, and it's FREE : )

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