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Through it all, there is no doubt that you turned out to be all and then some of what I dreamed you would be! I know in my heart things can work out .. with time and patiences..
I won't give up on you .. I won't quit loving you.
Oh, and YES .. I still want to ROCK YOUR WORLD!! LOL

~*~ Valentines 2004 ~*~

A Piece of My Heart

I knew right from the start
You would always have a piece of my heart

Even though our life has been filled with ups and downs
The love I feel for you keeps me around

We have all the time ahead of us together
To discover how to make our love last forever

Entrust that our love is meant to be
Because I know there is no one but you meant for me.

I love you Shawn

February 2004

Hmmmm ... Maybe I need to do a "Where are they NOW" page ...
MOST of you I haven't seen / heard from in FOREVER! How many are still around?

Bouncer, tEk, Slyguy, Capone, Michaelangelo, Jetson, Shybum, Roboman, Bluesman, Handsum1, One Cute M & M, Sir Knightraven, Slide, Ken, Storm, Corona, Racer X, Maddy, Nitewizard, RRO0, Grundyguy, Drizzt, CQAtlantis, Ismaell, Lost in Space, Batty, Cill, Iamtrouble, Aprill & her Lazy Foolll, description entered at Foolll's request - - LOL - - Ghostgirl, Raveann98, Morningdove, Slodgey, Dellie, Ruby_Tuesday & Jugga (you always belonged here .. please forgive me for missing you)..
Yeah Shmoove, you're STILL here too ! !

Photog, *sigh* baby .. you're more then I ever dreamed possible in a man. You're such a wonderful, tender, passionate man, it is hard to maintain my emotions and not allow myself to go over the EDGE! I wish for you .. what you want for yourself, whatever that may be. I love you sweetie, thanks for being my BEST FRIEND

Fyrbryr, You're a wonderful guy, a blast to hang 10 with. I wish you all the luck in this world finding what makes you happiest. *Sweet Kisses*

pyThMN, Sweetie, I truly enjoy our friendship and pray that it never ends. I hope you find everything you want and deserve. You're still justaniceguy. **HUGS**

Luvlee ... :*)
I've thought about this for a long time just WHAT do I say to you.
I am very very blessed to have you on my side sweet lady. I never fear talking to you, because I know you love me for ME .. nothing more, nothing less. I cherish you, and would do anything in this WORLD for you lady.
I love you sweetie, and hope someday to meet you & Spy.
You've always been here for me, and I will always be greatful for that. *Thanks*

ChAoS -- you TURKEY .. Ok .. so we didn't know each other .. BUT WE DO NOW!! LOL .. Nice to meet you.. you've DAMN sure brought a bit of MYSTERY to my life this last few days. LMAO .. Well .. Ok .. so now you too are a Member of HEAT'S friends group!! Welcome Aboard!! :-)

You're all so special to me, & have made my cyber experiences the greatest!!
Love Ya All, Des

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