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My E-Mail Mailer

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Anonymous E-Mail Mailer v1.7

Copyright © Dec. 16, 1997
( Operating Instructions are at Bottom of Page )

Sends E-Mail, anonymously.


From Name (President Bill Clinton):

From E-Mail Address (

To E-Mail Address (

Please type the message that you wish to send


PGP Password:

This web page works under Netscape v3.0.4 for the Macintosh. No testing has been done to see if the tricks that I use will work with any other browser. This Page allows you to send completely anonymous E-Mail messages from a pseudo E-Mail address or real address to any real E-Mail address. Make sure you put an @ sign in both addresses.

Thus, you could send 'From:'      and could send 'To:' anybody with a real E-Mail address.

If you specify no 'From:' E-Mail address then it will supply as the sender. If you have no @ sign in your 'From:' value, it will add to it. If you put spaces between words it will put periods there instead. If you specify nothing in the 'Subject' area, it will supply 'No Comment' in that area.

If you specify a 'From:' Name and From E-Mail Address, then it will appear as:

From:   From Name <>

You can also delay the sending of the E-Mail for up to an hour in either 5 minute increments, or you can have it choose a random amount of time between 0 minutes and 1 hour. This allows absolute inability to verify the exact time E-Mail was sent.

You can also PGP Encrypt the message with a password by typing any word into the PGP Password box. Delete all text in this box to have the message be sent without PGP encryption.

As of version 1.7, it also works with Internet Explorer 4.0 or above.

After submitting the E-Mail, you will get a window which allows you to copy the text to the clipboard with a CTRL-C. Next, you close that window and you'll see that a message window will soon open after clicking on the OK button. Then, click into the 'Body' section of the message (where you normally type your message) and do a paste with a CTRL-V. Then, just click on SEND. This will send your E-Mail anonymously just as it would work on Netscape.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to: