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Page of the 1999 Vanderbilt Scholarship Winners

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Not Pictured; Evan Roseman (.com) and Jen Stewart (Jenweenie). Each of the individuals pictures above are links to their information.

      The Vanderbilt scholarship, founded in 1999, is given to fifteen people each year so that they are able to advance their knowledge in science, mathematics and english. The scholarship includes an all-expense paid trip to Huntsville and free admission to a week long camp at the Advanced Space Academy center. The camp included such activities as scuba diving, short one hour simulated missions, IMAX films, VR racing on the surface of Mars, model rocket launching, NASA guest speakers, a six hour Extended Duration Mission (EDM), and as the Grand Finale, a one hour press conference. Also, as a bonus for attending this program, each member recieved a credit in a science 100 class from the University of Huntsville.

Daniel Garrison
Daniel Garrison
4865 E. Tomahawk Dr. Flagstaff Arizona 86004
ASA Name Tag
Coryn Murphy
Wonder Woman
1888 Alderbrook Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Human Knot
After the Press Conference
Andrea Hart
19175 Riverside Dr. Jupiter, Florida 33469
Jenny Paris
3609 Wilbur Pl. Nashville, TN 37204
Saturn 5
Pathfinder Shuttle
Tom Laakso
31 Gloria Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01920
Stefie Bartley
725 Olney Rd. Vinton, Virginia 24179
International Space Station
Habitat 1
Luke Hedrick
PO Box 358 Haines, Alaska 99827
Liz Stuart
1470 Sunrise Hill Ln.
Newport, WA 99156
Human Knot
Space Academy
Rebecca Jervey
21 North Woodland Dr. Reading, MA 01864
Ted Lester
101 Bonita Drive Homewood, Alabama 35209
After the Press Conference
ASA Fornt Door Sign
Jen Stewart
ASA Counselor 1 tranquility base Huntsville, AL 35807
Ryan Franbley
Don Juan
2457 Kolo Rd. PO Box 286 Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii 96754
Mission Control Room
Neutral Buoyancy Simulator
Kimberly Huestis
7 Adams Court South Burlington, VT 05403
Carla Helms
ASA Counselor 1 tranquility base Huntsville, AL 35807
Pathfinder and Crew
Space Shot
Jessica Larson
5609 Auburn Way South Auburn, WA 98092
Tom Chase
35 Longridge Dr. Gilford, NH 03246
Pathfinder and Habitat 1
Training Center Floor
Evan Roseman
4317 Waccen Road Bicmingham, AL 35213
Meridith Marder
  • Sept-May IAA-MBB PO Box 200 Interlochen, MI 49643
  • June-Aug 3200 Misty Morning Dr. Flushing, MI 48433
  • Space Shot

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