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On May 17, 2001 I became an Eagle scout. On August 14, I was officially recognized by the United States of America as a part of an elite group with the ceremony held at Christs Church of Flagstaff. Thank you to all the people from the community who came, including family and friends! There were several speakers, and in the end, a new eagle was made. The journey has only begun though. To be continued...

A scout's foremost responsibility is to live with be be be cheerful... and to live with service. This sums up the Eagle Scout Challenge, which is read at every eagle ceremony. This describes what being an Eagle really means. Click on the image to see a larger version of the Eagle Scout Challenge.

This Uniformed Little Boy

It seems like only yesterday, his eyes were lit with joy,
As we watched with admiration, this uniformed little boy.
Campouts, picknicks, pinewood cars, the years slipped quickly by,
The colors changed from blue to green, in the twinkling of an eye.

Soon came ranks of Tenderfoot, Second, First, and Star,
Each leading toward that final quest, once visioned from afar.
And then the rank of Life, and as life can often do,
The goal so close within his grasp, was dimming from his view.
Yet from within he found the strength to reach that final quest,
Remembering words from years gone by: I WILL DO MY BEST.

It seems like only yesterday, his eyes were lit with joy,
As we watched in admiration, this uniformed little boy.
Now with an eagle upon his chest, he soars, where once he ran,
No longer this uniformed little boy; our Son... an Eagle... A Man.
~~Mike Wood

These certify that I have achieved the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Just a little piece of paper that represents many years of hard work, and so much more.

Here are some pictures from my eagle ceremony.

My brother, my scoutmaster and me

City Council, August 13
City Council recognition on the 13thThe mayors plaque
The family at the ceremony

The Eagle ceremony
Me reciting the Scout Oath
Traditional 'Giving of the flowers to the Eagle Mom'
Pinning on of the Eagle pennent
Pinning on of the Eagle Pennant
Scout Oath
Michael and I after the ceremonyMichael and I, both Eagles