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"The Drum Major Elite© award is modeled after the Smith-Walbridge Drum Major 1st class, and holds to the same exacting standards and traditions of that award. ELITE is additional training for student leaders who want to test and push their personal boundaries above the normal curriculum. The students who choose to undergo this selection process will undergo stringent testing throughout the week. The students must perform at a perfect standard through all of these tests. The first test station will be in conducting. Here the student will be given a short section of music to listen to, and before it ends must be conducting it in proper meter and style. They must also conduct the Star Spangled Banner perfectly. The second station will test maneuvers and commands. Each student will be given 30 seconds to memorize a list of 8 maneuvers. Then using hands and whistle signals, will lead the maneuvers in perfect cadence to a selected piece of music. During this phase they will also be graded on their posture and carriage. They final station will be a written exam. This test will use all forms of test questions. ELITE maintains itís very high standards and will only be achieved by the students who want to prove that they are better than the best of the best."
--Star of Nevada Leadership Camp informational packet

    "My first time at the Star of Nevada camp was in 2000, my first year as a Drum Major.   Throughout the week, I kept hearing about this 'Elite' test.   About Tuesday was the first time I really got any information about the test.   It would be a series of three tests in conducting, marching and a written exam.   I prepaired myself for the first of the three tests, and it was to my advantage.   I was prepaired, and I passed.   I thought I was a pretty good marcher, and I knew all of the commands, so I thought the second test would be pretty easy, but come Thursday night, I found out that I hesitated too much, and that I couldn't take the elite written exam.    But I had fun that week performing to the tunes of Tarzan.
    The summer of 2001, my senior year, I was determined to make Elite, and I found out what making Elite was all about.    While at the camp, whenever there was an activity during the day or the night time that was optionl (like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or movie night...) I was in my room studying for the tests.    I missed swimming night, movie night and sports night getting myself ready.    It was all worth it.   I conducted the three selections along with the Star Spangled banner perfectly.    Unlike the year before, I also was more confident in my marching and my signals, and I passed the second exam.    After a stunning performance to "The Emperors New Groove" by all of the Drum majors and section leaders on Thursday night, I came to the written exam.    65 questions, one hour, and no missing more that 3 questions.    I was unsure going into the test, because I didn't advance this far the year before, but as I settled in, the test wasn't as menacing as I thought.    I came out at the end of the test not knowing if I had done good enough or not.    I went straight to the camp dance, the first social activity I had been to all week.    The next day, in a royal-like manner, 15 people were called up onto the awards stage to recieve a shirt, a pin and a certificate.    Little momentoes that represented a whole lot!    I learned though, that is exactly what being drum major was all about.    But it's all worth it to be conducting a band that is Superior!    That week taught me everything I needed to know to go out and lead a band.    I proudly wore my Drum Major Elite pin on my marching band uniform everywhere I went to remind myself of what being Drum Major was all about."