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This is a page dedicated to all those who marched or helped with the 2001 Marching Mustang Band!! Thanks y'all!

Salute at Cromer Stadium

The coldest place on earth, and the only place where we are glad to have our nice warm uniforms on. Cromer Stadium. At least there wasn't any snow this year!

This was the first of three competitions, and here we are accepting the first of three Drum Major captions. October 27th was NAU band day.

Accepting the Drum Major caption, NAU band day
NAU band day salute

The Pre-performance salute. Wee-youuu!! And nobody is even off-step yet!!

Thanks for our Good, you dumb judges. Oh well, we came back and showed them what's up when we went to the State Competition!

Drum Major salute to the NAU Drum Majors
Conducting Miss Saigon at the Skydome

The Grand Finale, right before we busted out a fatty high march step. It was beautiful!!

The mighty lows show off their big brass balls attitude, complete with Burger King Crown and all!

The mighty Lows...
...And the Might Lows attitude

And if you didn't get enough the first time, even more big brass balls attitude for your viewing entertainment.

I call this one 'Two Clarinets, a Drum Major, and a psychotic yelling saxaphone'

I call this one 'Two clarinets, a Drum Major, and a psychotic screaming saxaphone'

The fludie-nudies. I don't know where that name came from, so don't ask. It's a flute thing.

"Sun and Moon" was the quiet before the storm. It was a percussion/pit feature that earned us an Outstanding Percussion Caption!! Notice the blue hair. Pretty nice if I do say so myself!

some of The Pit 2001
The fall of Saigon

The Fall of Saigon from the vantage point of a front-row spectator. Feel the energy radiating out from the band... oh yea!

The end. The final Dome performance. The final song, and the final salute. The perfect ending? Not quite... from here we went on to compete in Thatcher, and then two weeks later in Mesa at the State Competition. That was the perfect ending!! Three Competitions, one Outstanding Percussion Caption, Three Outstanding Drum Major captions, and only 1/2 point away from a Superior!!

That's all, folks!
The band at EAC band day in Thatcher... this is way too serious...
That's more like it!
Seniors, 2002