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Clicker Training Video Show

I think you will enjoy this video of Clicker Training. So that you're well prepared ahead of time, here are some tips:

First, if you don't have RealPlayer, download the free version of RealPlayer by clicking here:

This will take you to the main page of RealPlayer. On this page, it will show you the RealPlayer upgraded version for sale. Look in the upper right corner for the same button that is on this page and click again.

This will take you to the 2nd page, asking you to choose which version you'd like to download (playing up the upgraded version). Just download the regular RealPlayer G2.

Fill out the form which asks for your name, email address, and other stuff about your computer (find out this information before hand).

When RealPlayer is downloaded, we're going to go to AngelsGait. Once everything is in place, it only takes a very short time to download and then we're ready!

All set? Let's watch the video of Elisa and Angel!