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Clicker Day Get-Together

Once every week or so, depending on the weather, several horses and owners meet at my place for a day of natural horsemanship-type training. Sometimes we do Parelli stuff, sometimes just obstacles, maybe work on bareback riding, or giving to the bit, etc.

The plans for last Tuesday were to have a clicker training day. Boy, did that go over well! We had 7 new horses and owners. I was a little apprehensive about having these horses, none of which really knew one another, be in the small arena together. But, not to worry, after a couple of minutes of instructions, all the horses and owners were in the arena and every owner had full attention of their horse. They started by targeting. As we know, it takes a little time to get a handle on holding the clicker, holding the target, getting the treat, in addition to holding the lead rope. In short order, the owners found they could drop the lead ropes as they had all of their horse's attention. There were 4 geldings, two mares, and one stallion. All behaved very well.

Here are some photos from last Tuesday.


Sheri with 24 year old Arabian mare, Waifa.


Rosalinda with 3yo Mini Stallion, Summer.


Debbie O with the Mini, Cisco (who has had GREAT success with CT in the days after the get-together).


Debbie O with her other Mini, Ginger.


Vicki with the Arabian, Thunder who is just dropping the bowl after picking it up.


Connie with Arabian/QH, Cisco.


A close-up of Cisco pushing the target which is a couple of socks tied together (easy to pick up).

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