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Our Families

Hi. My name is Don Churchfield and my wife is Carol Brewster. Although we now live in Arizona, I am from New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania and Carol is from Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee (she actually grew up in Glen Mary). I am researching the families that my wife and I are related to. It will take some time to enter all the information, so please check back often. If you have informaton to add to what I have or want to ask questions about our families, please
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Don's families

[Bellino] [Boyce] [Brandon] [Brewster] [Burger] [Burke] [Cann] [Christianson] [Churchfield] [Clark] [Cornish] [Coulter] [Davis] [Dick] [Elliot] [Erickson] [Evans] [Gardner] [Gillerlain] [Gray] [Green] [Guest] [Hopkins] [Hunter] [King] [Klugston] [Kunkle] [Leeper] [Lint] [List] [Lytle] [Malone] [McIntyre] [Merritt] [Miller1] [Miller2] [Minnick] [Nelson] [Orr] [Owens] [Pavlick] [Pollock] [Rahl] [Roberts] [Scoville] [Seiford] [Shaffer] [Shannon] [Shelkey] [Silvis] [Smith] [Speirs] [Standbury] [Stoner] [Tindall] [Woods]

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