Weekly Bible
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Weekly Bible


Im going to start a prayer reguest page...Email me and tell me the request and I will put in on the page..Hey what a way to get help on something..get brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for you! Click Here to mail me the request!
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Welcome to Weekly Bible. This page is going to TRY and be updated weekly (no promises)
Well please enjoy, sign the guest book and email any questions or comments.

This week I do not have a specific verse..but have kind of like a testimony.

Ok well I have been getting requests to update...I have been very busy lately again like usual....All I can really say right now is that I need prayer.. I am struggeling so bad its not funny... I am unsure of some of the beliefs in the church I go to.. Like "once saved always saved?" "tongues"? Baptism in the Holy Spirit?? All things I am not sure about...If you would please e-mail me if you have any input on these subjects. I am now attending a Baptist church. Thank you and sorry its not a Bible message again this week.. God bless.

Thank you for stopping and please come back again for a new message.

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This page shall forever be under construction.. :o)

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