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Hello to all cavy(guinea pig)lovers across the country and world!! I have dedicated my page to those little balls of fur!! I hope you enjoy this page, and find it informative. It is currently under construction, so please be patient!! On this site you can: Find info on shavings, and vote about how you feel on this matter, publish your breeder listing for FREE, fill out a form on the QUESTIONS page and have your question on this site, see other people's cavy questions, leave a message on my message boards, sign my SLAMBOOK, view answers to my slambook, and much, MUCH more! Don't forget to sign the guestbook on your way out : ) Thank you! Please e-mail any comments to the e-mail address below. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY SITE!!!! It's really important and I would appreciate it. Thanks!! ( : Oh, and check out the NEW search engine!!! It will help you find pratically anything on this site. Go visit my PIGTURES page!!!! Lots of pics of my cavies!!!

This Page last updated September 28th, 2000

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I am VERY proud of this award, from They search the Internet for the BEST educated sites, and they picked mine as one of them! Thank you very much, and everyone else who has visited CavyKingdom, and helped my site become one of the best.


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BREEDS OF CAVIES:Lots of info on every recognized breed of cavies! Anything you wanted to know about your breed of cavy.

POLL OF THE WEEK: Vote here for the poll of the week. A new poll added every week!

CAVY QUIZ- Go HERE to take my NEW quiz on cavies!

CAVY NAMES: A long list of cavy names if you just got a cavy (or have had one for awhile) and you're stumped about what to name it!

BASIC CARE OF CAVIES:Basic stuff on the care of cavies, to keep them healthy and happy.

VISIT MY CYBER PETS: A page that's dedicated to all my pets on the web.

CAVY/RABBIT LINKS: A long list of links to cavy/rabbit pages on the web-stop by and submit a website!

FACTS ABOUT CAVIES: Some interesting facts about cavies that I betcha didn't know....

DIFFERENT NAMES FOR CAVIES: Lots of different names for cavies in other parts of the world.

A CAVY'S PROFILE: Go here and learn about what family the cavy is from, and everything else that you watned to know

GROOMING: Pages dedicated to grooming your furry little critter

BEDDING FOR CAVIES: Be careful which bedding you choose for your guinea pig, it may be harmful to him. It's not just Cedar bedding, either

ABOUT ME: Read a little about me and my love for cavies

BREEDING YOUR CAVIES: A little info on breeding your cavies, what to do and what NOT to do

MESSAGE BOARD: Discuss cavies on several topics in my message board.

CAVY CLUB: Join my NEW on-line cavy club! Chat, post a message on the message board, submit your photo, etc.

CAVY QUESTIONS: Read questions that fellow cavy owners ask, and my answers to them. Even submit your own question!

FREE BREEDER LISTINGS: Fill out the form and submit your Breeder Listing for FREE!

CAVY NUTRITION: A page that has information on how to keep your cavy healthy, what to feed it, etc.

FREE CAVY E-MAIL: Get FREE cavy e-mail at a unique address

A CAVY MYSTERY: What family does the guinea pig belong in? If you said Rodents, you may be surprised...

SIGN MY CAVY SLAMBOOK: Come and sign my cavy slambook, and see what others have written

AWARDS: Check out all the AWARDS CavyKingdom has received

Please come and sign my guestbook!

VOTE FOR MY SITE: Please stop and take a second to vote for my site for the site of the month at Angelfire

MY PIGtures PAGE: Come in and see pics of my piggies! Lots of cute little shots of the furry guys

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