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Cat in the Hat's Awesome New Spaz Page

Stuff, I guess

My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
Chalk57's homepage - pretty spaz but she's one of my friends so check it out!
Radiant Living - yeah, yeah, but there's nice food recipes there....
A cool place for movie sounds.. worth a look

Welcome to Cat In The Hat's Awesome New Spaz Page... Don't forget to sign the guestbook....

Yes, well.... This is extremely dodgy as I didn't bother spending much time on it at all, but hey, hope you like it..... For any of my friends who visit this site, remember it's still under construction in a MAJOR way.... Ta....

Well, I do intend to eventually put some heaps cooler stuff here.... I have made this wicked Simpsons Hangman game, but I don't have the script or the graphics on hand right now so I can't put that on yet, but when I get the chance to I will......

If you have any suggestions or ideas on awesome stuff, or dumb but funny links I can include, feel free to use the quick link at the bottom, you know, the underlined blue thing that sends email to me.....

That's all folks!!!

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