Tear Tha Club Up '97

Freeze Motha Fucka  Cheering in the background
Tear Tha club up, nigga tear tha club up.(7x)

DJ Paul
This for all you playa hataz who be talkin that shit, the Three 6 show no love put some hurt on a trick. I'm bustin through tha crowd wild with my anna cannon be like quick to put two up in you like (?). Standin I be the last man, blast man, if you think you fast man headlines read left him up in the cas man. When I look into your eyes I see a coward face to face, a picture Three 6 Mafia would rather ride and die to hit cha.

1 and here comes tha 2 to tha 3 and 4, Three 6 Mafia want you to wreck it all over tha club floor. Throwin and flowin your sets in tha air, your pumpin your tables and chairs everywhere. Troubled over by tha mess in tha place, you standin there actin' like you unaware. And they say we're the heartless, they say you can't rock it like tha 3-6 Mafia can. All up in a trance, this is a prophecy band. We gonna tear tha club up, gettin' buck till it don't stand. And know I know that you are feeling me, gettin' very ruff to tha fullest capabilities, in yo' facilities...

Tear Tha Club up, nigga tear tha club up.(8x)

Juicy "J"
We Tearin tha club up. Gettin buck, hataz tryin to call it ruff. They better call security bring them straight jackets and handcuffs. Ain't takin it, ain't takin it the clutches I be breakin it, and whoopin off they bosses and tossin guns to tha floor. Bricks, going through tha window, got that thang at your temple, when it bustin keep me trustin we ain't talkin bout bustin pimples. Hataz can't get with the Mafia click them fools ain't buck enough we going to get the dynamite trick, and blow tha club up

Gangsta Boo
Crazy Lady comin at you. You can't fade me trick, I bet cha, bet cha, bottom dollar, Make you holla when my soldiers get cha. I don't like that violent stuff but I believe in gettin BUCK. If you with me let me see ya tear da, tear da club up. Mafia, Mafi-Mafia what's up wit it though, hypnotize them minds, we got you blind and you can't hear me though. Come and get it while you can trick before itz all gone. Goin once, goin twice now my body just went (?)

Crunchy Black
Get Buck, get wild and tear this house down. And tear tha club up club that do that stuff like now. No disrespect to tha clubs that don't want none of that shit. But you got tha Three 6 Mafia up in your house and shit. And We came to break tha law tear tha club up, ash to ash and no dust to dust. And you can't trust Three 6 Mafia when we tearin that club up.

Tear Tha club up, nigga tear tha club up(2x)

Koopsta Knicca
If they hypnotized, I don't think they high enough. See I thought I told you to get buck and tear tha club up. Do it like a lunitic since you down with that prophet click, now can I flex and kick it, tell me can I, Kick it then. Since uhh, he inside they ain't dumb. Get hypnotized. Lets start a riot in tha club lets get wild and now. 1 little 2 little 3 triple six then buck, 4 little 5 little 6 triple six then buck.