101 uses for safety pins

here are 101 uses for safety pins... i know that there is not exactly 101 yet, but i am tryin' to put up as many as i can... if you know a use that i don't have up here email it to me at superfido@hotmail.com. pleaze email me all of the uses you can think of (that aren't on here already!)...
By The Way: None of these are to be taken seriously. And if you are stupid enough to try them, you cannot hold me acountable. So, Be careful and Stay Safe... now, on to the wonderful uses for the almighty safety pin!

The first 52 uses of the safety pin (halfway to 101)

Unknown Facts About the Mighty Safety Pin

- the safety pin is a close relative to the paper clip, which then evolved into the staple and it is unknown yet what the saftey pin will evolve into next!
- the safety pin is used by top fashion designers around the world
- the safety pin is a symbol of coolness at least to me!! heh, heh...
- the safety pin can come in the colors of silver, gold, and brass
- the safety pin was a 17th century toy/tool

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