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Why I want to be a Police Officer

Alright I have been asked this many times, and all police forces ask you this, so I will try and explain it to all who read this. I don't come from a Police officer family, I had an uncle who was a police officer, but I never knew him. However, I have incidents in school, where a police officer came into the class to talk to us, these I think are the hinges of me wanting to become a police officer, I also love helping people, I would die if I ever got a desk job, I want to see different things experience different things, I want things to change. I kind of like the fact I dunno what to expect, it is kind of like Christmas for me. it is the knowledge that I have to power to save lives. Coming from a large family and being the oldest, I am aware what it is like to have people look up to you, and have people come to you for help (I am an only child, I am the oldest cousin) and I know what it is like to protect the little guy. so that in a nut shell is why I want to become a Police Officer. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me with your questions.