Hi and welcome to my Simpsons Images Page. Below are a list of characters from The Simpsons. Click on a character to view their pictures. SORRY...CURRENTLY THE NETSCAPE OR WEBTV BROWSERS DOES NOT WORK TO VIEW THESE IMAGES...THEY ARE IN .art FORMAT TO SAVE SPACE.

Current Images Count: 273

Character Number of Pics
Homer Simpson 21
Bart Simpson 20
Lisa Simpson 22
Marge Simpson 15
Maggie Simpson 15
Apu 16
Mr. Burns 14
Abe Simpson 7
Ned Flanders 10
Chief Wiggum 10
Troy McClure 10
Groundskeeper Willie 11
Krusty 12
Milhouse 12
Seymore Skinner 13
Waylon Smithers 12
Moe 12
Barney Gumble 12
Martin Prince 15
Nelson Muntz 14

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