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My Miracle

Sent from God like sunlight from above, She lights my life, she's someone I can love In my darkest nights I was alone A miracle He sends, now flesh and bone.
Where once there was no hope, only despair And for life so cold I never cared To set me on a path that's straight and true He gave me a fresh start; He gave me you.
He's shown me now a love that's like no other By sending you to me to be your Mother A love so great that no one can compare A miracle for you and I to share.
Now that there is hope and light and love My daughter that God sent from up above I know that I can stand and never fall For now I know the greatest love of all.
September 13th, 1990

Where's the child I thought God sent to me? It seems He played a joke, And took away my only hope; He took my precious, perfect girl from me.
He changed His mind it seems; replaced the light With darkness, deep as any winter's night A winter's chill that never will abate, It seems that ghosts of joy will be my fate.
My darkest nights return, they're darker still; Then any other night; he took my will. A fleeting glimpse of happiness gone by, The joy has been replaced with but a sigh.
My little girl replaced with someone new She never was a dream that would come true The briefest glimpse of daylight that was mine Stolen from my spirit for all time.
Where there was sunlight now there's only rain And with the love God gave me, there is pain The little girl God sent from up above, A stranger now, a ghost for me to love.

February 1995 (written after diagnosis of autism)

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