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On the face of the Earth right now, there are many who are called to be
Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now in these End Times, I have heard
the Voice of the Lord tell me to:

"Gather My Apostles!"


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Cary Goodwin

The Lord is Calling His Church to Order in this final hour We must have the understanding!

Welcome. This really is an important message to the Body of Christ. I have written extensively on Calling the Church to Order even as the Lord taught me and spoke to me for many years. I would hope that you would take the time to read the news letters and the book Gather My Apostles that I have posted here. If you don't have much time I have written a brief overview. Just click on the word overview.

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Gather My Apostles - Volume 1
Gather My Apostles - Volume 2
Gather My Apostles - Volume 3


This is a copyrighted and published book that the Lord commanded me to write and publish on my return to the States. The Lord has been speaking to me and teaching me about Calling His Church to Order for the last ten years. Five of those years I was ministering the Gospel in Remote Jungle villages in Asia. I believe that this book will give you the Lord's   perspective on His Kingdom. I have decided to put it out on this
web site because it is an important message to the Body of Christ and the Time is Short!!

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