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Submit an Anime Store to us

I do not wish to make ANY MONEY off this HomePage! Submitting an Address so it can be displayed is (Drum Solo) ... FREE !!!
Our goal is to have as much as Anime Store addresses Displayed on our WebPage in order to help Anime Fans locate one close to where they live. So in order for that to happen, we'll need your Cooperation!

We will NOT Advertise a Personal WebPage that is Dedicated to Anime! We only accept Anime Stores and Clubs! If your Store or Club HAS A HOMEPAGE, we will glady advertise THAT and ONLY THAT!

Everything is free, sorry to be mentioning this again, but people get affraid when they see the word "FREE", they always think theres a Catch where sooner or later they'll have to spend hundreds of Dollars and so on, THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Q: How do I submit an Address?
A: You send the NAME - ADDRESS - PHONE# - INFO to John Archambault via Email!
Name and Address is what is the most Important! Phone# is not required (But is recommended) and for the Info, try keeping it simple! I don't feel like putting a MAX of Lines or Words, but try making it not more than 4-5 lines! I will REDUCE it if it's too big!

Q: What next?
A: Give John Archambault some time, since this Page is quite new, for a little while, John might be busy putting up Requests. Once he reads your Email, he'll add it ASAP to the Page! So to answer your Question, you do NOTHING after you have sent the Email. Just sit and relax and visit our Page once in awhile to see if it's up yet!

Q: It's been 1 week the Anime Store I sent is not displayed, what's wrong?
Read above, if I have too many requests, it may take a little while to add the one you submitted! If after 1 week it's still not up, email me, your Email could of been lost or accidently erased. But trust me, I READ ALL MY EMAIL, even if I have 100 Stores to list, I will put up all 100 of them as fast as I can!

Q: What if I own a Anime Store and I already have a HomePage for it, can I still submit it to your page?
A: Yes you can, PLUS if you have your own HomePage already, you can send me the URL and I'll add a LINK to your Page FOR FREE!!!

Q: What if I wanted to make my Ad on your page more Graphical?
A: That is what the option "SPECIAL ANIME STORE LIST" is used for on the Main Page. It's a list of Anime Stores in which request to have Pictures or A LOT of Info writin about their Page! It's STILL FREE to have your Anime Store listed in that Section, the only thing I ask in Return is for YOU to Advertise MY Page! You could advertise me on your HomePage, it could be posted on a Wall of your store, ANYWHERE! As long as you Advertise me somewhere so people can know this Page Exists, that should be fine! Just email me the graphics and info you want in an Email and PROMISE me you'll Advertise my Page in return!

Q: What if I have a Anime Selling Company that is ONLY on the Internet?
A: Sorry, this page was created to Advertise STORES or CLUBS only! Maybe I could add your URL to my Links Page, but that's it!

Q: What if I don't own or know any Anime Stores *BUT* know or own a ANIME CLUB?
A: Yes we also Advertise Anime Clubs! If you're part of a Club or President of one, please email me: THE NAME - ADDRESS - PHONE# - EMAIL ADDRESS - INFO and it will be Displayed in the LIST OF STORES Section!

Q: I have more questions to ask!
A: All questions that are not listed should be sent to! I will answer them as soon as I can!