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Going to India left a permanent and beautiful mark on my soul.

A Quote

"Photographs and films (about India) cannot completely capture the sensory overload. Until then, I had always been slightly disappointed to find the foreign countries I visited in some way shadows of what I had imagined. In India that first day I was incredulous."

"A journey like this suggests some kind of personal transformation, but I am not sure that people really change their basic character. It is probably true that they simply become more intensely themselves, or what they were meant to be all along. Although I am still learning exactly what my experience in India meant to me, I do know that it transformed much of my thinking."

"At the very least, my journey forced me to question assumptions about morality, religion, duty, fate, the way society governs itself and the roles of men and women."

"Ultimately, I realized my journey to India was a privilege. Rather than going to the periphery (of the world), I had come to the center."

--Elisabeth Bumiller, Author and Journalist

Why I Created this Site

Hinduism is very much misunderstood in Western society. The only exposure usually given is through the popular media. It's usually not an accurate representation, but someone's biased interpretation!

Through these pages, I hope that those who are unfamiliar with Hinduism will learn to see it for what it is--a beautiful, mystical, tolerant religion that has room for the devout worshipper and the athiest, the child and the saint.

I hope those that are familiar with this gentle and rich way of life can gain new insight and appreciation, especially those living or growing up in a non-Hindu society.

In these pages I would like to introduce you to my multicultural family, and give you a taste of what it's like to be Hindu. I have also hand-picked the very best resources on the web to present to my visitors. Please enjoy them, and write me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting!


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