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Katha With the White Horse


    Eastern Roots

  • The Beggar
  • Terra-Cotta Horses
  • What Your God Told Me Once
  • The Heathen's Cry for Order
  • After the Rains
  • What Jesus Knew (a pagan poem)
  • (more coming soon)

    Western Heritage

  • Walking, November Morning
  • Twentieth Century Blues*
  • It Goes By*
  • The Day the Fairies Died
  • The Witching Hour
  • Song of Youth (Traditional)
  • Barbie and I
  • The Ghost Tree
  • Hiking Thunderbird Mountain
  • (more coming soon)

*Published with awards

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About this collection:

Katha means "story or discussion" and is used the the Bardic tradition of Hindu storytellers and sages. My poems are stories of Oneness and Its many parts. Whether it's a grandmother in India painting her prayers, or a ghetto boy wondering about the meaning of it all, there is within all of us, a Oneness that is undeniable. My poems tend to take two of these many parts that seem very different and weave them together into a common story.

In many cultural traditions, the white horse appears at the height of chaos, right before our world unravels itself. The white horse appears as the vehicle of Vishnu when he comes back for the last time, as the mount of Rhiannon, the mysterious Celtic goddess, and our pale friend also comes back in the book of Revelations in the Bible. Our white horse delicately steps between East and West, past and present, and reminds us that, at the root of it all, we are part of the One.

Modern Poetry:

Many people find my poetry difficult to read and understand. This is intentional, as most of the meaning of my poetry does not come from the words on the surface, but from the memories and feelings it stirs inside the readers. This is a form of modern poetry, which is quite different from the poetry of the past that provided the security of rhymes and stanzas.

Modern poetry is poetry for a different age. The present age is full of uncertainties. Nothing is stable anymore, including our own spiritual evolution. Some say this is the age of Kali, and she is causing great movements to help us clean and remove those things from ourselves that are not important in the big scheme of things.

My poetry is usually built around two stories from different times or experiences that are woven together to make a common thread. Many are based on my experience with Hindusim and India, and others are based on my experience as an American. I do hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to write me with questions or comments.

All my poems are copyrighted in accordance with the copyright act of 1978. If you wish to use or distribute my poetry for anything but private enjoyment, please do the decent thing and ask me. Thanks in advance.

This page was created on 5/19/98. Poems will be added weekly until this online book is complete. Thanks for your patience.