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My Albino Squirrel

Here is a poem written for My Albino Squirrel.

My Friend

By: Jim Elston

I have a friend,
It is a squirrel.
Itís fur is soft,
And as white as pearl.

When winter comes,
His fur turns grey.
Oh how I wish,
The white would stay.

He hops and jumps,
And runs with grace.
Some people say,
Heís a disgrace.

The Albinoís nice,
Heís really sweet.
He only eats nuts,
And refuses meat.

My friend and I,
Play and drink pop,
Until he gets tired,
And has to stop.

I walk my friend home,
Because itís really late.
Then we agree to meet,
on another date.

I guess itís true,
He is quite odd,
But he as well,
Was made by God.