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I had this page created way back in 1997 so you could get to know about me and some of my favorite things.  Now that it's a new millennium, I thought I'd give the page a fresh look and some updates.  If this is a repeat visit, welcome back!  If you're a first-timer here, enjoy your stay and  be sure to sign my guestbook so I know you dropped by!!

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A Glamour Shot of Amy Hi, my name is Amy. I'm 30 years old and I live in the Phoenix, AZ metro area. What's my sign, baby? I'm a Cancer! I am a full-time community college student. I was born in Michigan and have friends, acquaintances, brothers and sisters living all over the world. I love movies, photography, music (especially Elton John!), working with my Dell computer, surfing the 'net on my high-speed internet connection, talking with good friends on the phone, relaxing in my hot tub, and of course, cats! I have cerebral palsy and used to drive an electric scooter as my chariot, but I have been practicing walking and now use a cane to get around - or a walker for longer distances - or ride my 3-wheeled trike. All of this is possible due to a new treatment I am undergoing called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT. Read more about it in my Favorite Places! I'm a member of the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) but not a Bible Thumper, and I do hope to get married and have children of my own some day. Which reminds me, I am single, heterosexual, AND available!!


Want to see more pictures?  I've got a Photo Gallery with snapshots from some of my most recent vacations.  There's even a swimsuit photo!  Oh yes, and we can't forget my kitty Millie.




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You can also send me e-mail if you want to talk.  I'm happy to hear from anyone!


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