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Hey, thanks for coming here, reasons unknown to me!! but there isn't much here really-just the basics and i know NOTHING about html!! Enjoy!


Theres lots of people I'd like to mention, if ya not here..sorry!
This is in no order!
Kelly.B. DAT BURGESS GIRL!!!*l* thanx for everything you've helped me with this year and putting up with my paranoia as long as this, you got to meet HER!! you didn't pass out either! woo hoo! member OUR song! ya!xox

Trina.L.: Where do i start?!we have so much in common we're practically living each others lives! The connection man! We went thru heaps online (& off! )..You've always been here for me too and thanks for everything & your advice. You absolutely rule!Love ya!

Ben.R: Lots has happened this year and yeah oh kay, not all was good but, we're talking and that rox coz i still think you're absolutely charming, KAY??!! and i do say just speak weird*s*

Bryony.G: Sista! you're a wicked young girl and it's been priddy cool chattin to ya this year, hey i wanna see a pic of Adam sometime!! Hope Romeo & Juliet went well!

Sean.M: What do I say? You always tell me to shut up!! *L*

Hannah.R:Bloody HTML!!!~You've always got something to say and yes it normally makes me laugh!! Hows Kian..?

Luke.R: wise mans tip of the day?! when he isn't eating! haven't had that in a while!

Kay and how could i not mention my Mum, sorry Trina, mOm, anyways you're da best and I know i drive you insane, musta got it from you!! and no, there's no flowers everywhere...!
My Grandmother: ALSO thanks for sooo much! you're lovely!!
Also: can't forget Bhavana, Abby, Victoria, Renée, Thayne ( our FAVOURITE butcher!! ) David ( Other fave, EX Butcher! ) Robbie, Jenny, Uncle Paul HI!!

*Ya know I'm gonna ask you to sign the guestbook, so plz do!**s*

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Supplying useless info, my current fave songs would be;
Absolutely Everbody- Vanessa Amorosi
Don't Call Me Baby- Madison Avenue
I Knew I Loved You- Savage Garden
All Torn Down- Living End
Lift Me Up- Geri Halliwell
Build Me Up Buttercup- Foundations


Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes-

There ya go! I do update this when i get bored so if ya come back sometime, MAYBE there'll be somethin cool!

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