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* *About Me * *

Well ya here, so I spose you want to know this..!
My name: Kelly Maree, in case you don't actually know me!

Birthday: October 18...1983

Parents: Debra, my mum, she is addicted to radio competitions, (tis cool at times!)Really, she rox, i'm not gonna mention my 'dad', oh.just did.

Pets: I have a cat named Codi, I got the name cos i like that dude from Baywatch (I watch it for him kay!) David Chockachi , who plays Cody, we spell our cats name different! OH and the fish, named Fish. ( Original? )

Best Friendz: Kelly.B, Trina & Ben

Sport: Soccer ( mm, Beckham )

Fave memory: Meeting matchbox20 and Living End ( x 2 ).

Fave foods: Pasta & chips ( salt & vinegar ).

My favourite movie: Dirty Dancing, Cruel Intentions, Wild Things.

Actors: Josh Jackson, Katie Holmes, Edward Furlong, James Marsden

Fave Band/Solo Artist: Living End, matchbox 20,

Other bandz: New Radicals, Britney Spears, Area 7, Korn, Vengaboys, Jennifer Lopez, Blink 182, 5ive

Fave Songs: Push- Matchbox 20, Semi-Charmed Life- 3rd Eye Blind, (I've Had) The Time Of My Life- Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Fave album: Yourself Or Someone Like You- Matchbox 20, Living End- Self Titled

Radio Station: Channel Z ( James & David!! )

Fave T.V Prog: Dawsons Creek..! That wasn't much of a suprise was it??! Jen & Pacey rock!

Kay thats all! Ciao XoX

Nope, this ain't me with David Beckham! if you happen to not know, its but a pregnant Victoria Adams ( Posh ) who was almost due to have Brooklyn here.. also Elton.