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Hi, my name is Azza. This is my new web page, so I'm expecting it to expand with lots more links, pictures, information and other great stuff. My interests include sports, computer games, cars and motorbikes and dogs.

I have a silky terrior pup called Billy. He's really cool and he loves fetch. He likes playing with the cat. He knows what 'num nums' and 'din dins' means dinner, 'getaball' means fetch the ball and 'walkies' which means I'm going to take him for a walk.

My sister has a cat called Ginger. He loves food and his very annoying. Even though he finds Billy annoying sometimes he actually likes to play with Billy and he doesn't mind if Billy (who is secretly Ginger's pal) cuddles up to him on the couch or bean bag.

My Favorite Links

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