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Kevin Nash
The Giant Killer

Nicknames: The Six-Ten, Genetic Marvle; The Second Outsider, Diesel, Big Daddy Cool, "Big Sexy"(I HATE that one), Big Kev, Kev, The True Giant, The nWo Giant.

Kevin Nash, the true Giant in Proffessional wrestling, is one of the most popular members of the nWo in its 3 year history. He is also one of the most controversial. Along with Scott Hall, he made his way onto the scene June 11th, 1996 and chastised WCW CEO Eric Bischoff for cuttin him and Scott Hall down. His feud with Bischoff and WCW was started when he and Hall beat Bischoff up and Kevin "jack-knife" powerbombed him through the Stage and the Great American Bash. He and Hall made a challenge to WCW and said that if they could find 3 guys to face them at Bash at The Beach then they were on. The 3:Sting, Luger and Macho Man. They ended up winning when Hulk Hogan helped and the three formed the new world order. Hall and Nash started feuds with the Faces of Fear, and won that one at Starrcade 96 when Nick Patrick made a corrupted 3 count. Then they started a feud with the Steiners which he and Hall also won. They lost the match to the Steiners at nWo Souled Out 97 because the nWo Ref was kayoed and Randy Anderson, in the audience, ran in and counted out Hall. The next night on Nitro, Eric Bischoff forced the Steiners to give the belts back and fired refferee Anderson. He threatened to do the same to the Steiners since they were in breach of contract and they handed the belts to Hall and Nash. Nash started going on to more singles action as Hall dissapeared for a little while and he powerbombed the then 400 pound Giant at Superbrawl 7. He was back with Hall and both were severely attacked at Uncensored 97 by Sting. Soon came WW3 when he helped Hall win the World title shot by posing as Sting and then he beat DDP and the Giant down. He was challenged by the Giant to fight at Starrcade 97, which he accepted but was a no-show. The nWo Attourney said that if Nash was to fight the Giant at Souled Out then he (Giant) would not be able to touch Nash until the event, which led to many confrentations, some in which Kevin threw hot coffey in Giant's face. Souled Out came, and Eric Bischoff tried to help out Nash and ended up on the recieving end of a Giant Chokeslam. Hogan passed Nash a container of hot coffey and after throwing it in his face and a low-blow, Kevin Nash defeated the Giant and put him out for about 2 months. The next confrentation came at Uncensored when Nash beat Giant down with a bat. Despite this, and constant interference from the nWo, The Giant won by Disqualification. Nash then broke away from the nWo and against his will teamed with Hollywood Hogan at Spring Stampede and faced Roddy Piper and Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage and Nash then newly formed the Wolfpac. At Slamboree, Hall turned on Nash and gave him a concussion, sparking a major feud betweent the two. It ended at Halloween Havoc when Hall beat Nash into oblivion but Nash finally powerbombed him twice and left the ring. Nash won the World Title Shot at World War 3 and then won the title from the undefeated Goldberg at Starrcade because Hall zapped Bill with a caddle-pro and knocked him out. They re-formed the nWo on January 4th, 1999, and, also, re-formed the Outsiders. Nash gave the title to Hogan and showed his true colors then. A great moment for all Kevin Nash fans.

Kevin Nash quotes:
Kevin Nash to Larry Zbyszko:"Sit down, Larry, before we pull your medicare!"
Kevin Nash to Tony Schiavone:"Nice suit, Tony, did you get a cup of soup with that? Anyways..."
Kevin Nash to Eric Bischoff:"Sit down and shut up, plastic boy...I know you need 23 hours of your busy scedule to do your hair, and by the way, you better dye it a little later on, but I'm sure you can talk to Billionaire Ted and get us a match."
Kevin Nash to Scott Hall:"If your lookin for someone to tag with, I'll be your huckleberry."
Kevin Nash to The Giant:"I'm the true Giant. I'm the true Giant in proffessional wrestling."
Kevin Nash: "Be nice to fat girls, they need a little lovin once and a while, too."
Kevin Nash:"(When asked if he would powerbomb Bischoff again) Hey, once is enough. The guy is my little buddy. He has a lot of guts. We have a few cool ones every Monday together so back off of him."(Thats RIGHT!!!)
Kevin Nash to Giant:"You're looking...big, man!"
Kevin Nash to Mike Tenay about Scott Hall:"I dont know what the hell he's doing."
Kevin Nash:"(After the nWo was re-formed) Can we say de-ja vu?"
Kevin Nash to Goldberg:"Looks like I'm next, Bill."
Kevin Nash on nWo Nitro:"(After seeing a sign thats said Disco Inferno is a FAG) Look at Disco's great fans, there, with the sign."
Kevin Nash(when posing as Arn Anderson in the Horseman skit):"I got mysewf a tar arn to knock ya owt."

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