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Scott Hall
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Scott Hall

Scott Hall, a numerous tag team and intercontinental champion, is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He has a slick personality and a helluva sense of humor. Throughout the years Scott has been a broadcaster, wrestler and could very well take up stand up comedy along with former tag partner/friend Kevin Nash. He is the founding father of the new world order. The origional. The first. The Godfather. Thats just 2 sweeet.


May 27th, 1996-Walked on the set of NITRO and declared war on WCW and Eric Bischoff.
June 2, 1996- Slapped Eric Bischoff's headset off and told him to prepare for a war. Was slapped in the face by Sting, who came to Bischoff's rescue. Sting told Hall "You're in the jungle, baby. This is WCW!" Hall then told Bischoff and Sting "I got a big surprise for you!"
June 9th, 1996- Once again came up to the broadcast booth to push Bischoff around. Bischoff jumped up and yelled "Okay, I heard you out here last week talking about a surprise. I dont see anything. Come on, Hall, I heard a lot of talk, where's the walk?" Hall simply pointed behind Bischoff and Kevin Nash made his first appearance. Hall announced that the Hostile Takeover was underway.
June 14th, 1996- (THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH) In an interview conducted by Eric Bischoff, told WCW that they had better had there 3 guys ready for BASH AT THE BEACH. When Eric told he and Kevin Nash that he wasnt going to tell them who the 3 men were, Hall, outraged, punched Eric in the gut and Nash powerbombed him through a table.
July 7th, 1996- (BASH AT THE BEACH) Along with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, defeated Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage in a Hostile Takeover match, and then announced that they were forming the new world order.
Brought in friends Syxx and Ted DiBiase, forming the Wolfpac, a faction of the nWo.
HOG WILD 1996- Won the tag team titles with Kevin Nash.
STARRCADE 96- Along with Nash, defeated the Faces of Fear.
January 25th, 1997- (NWO SOULED OUT) Was diamond cut by Diamond Dallas Page after asking him to join the nWo.
WORLD WAR III 1997- Defeated 59 other men to win a title shot at Superbrawl, a shot that was sidelined.
DECEMBER 28th, 1997- (STARRCADE 97) Told the Giant that Nash wasnt going to show up for his match. As a result, The Giant powerbombed Hall.
January 24th, 1998- (WCW/NWO SOULED OUT) Was defeated by Larry Zbyszko as a result of a disqualification, but was reunited with trainer Dusty Rhodes. That same night, his title shot was sidelined from SUPERBRAWL to UNCENSORED as an appointed decision of Junior Interum Commisioner Rowdy Roddy Piper.
A few weeks later, Lackey Louie Spiccolli died of a drug induced heart failure.
March 15th, 1998- (WCW/NWO UNCENSORED) Lost his title match against Sting.
Took a few month vacation, I guess.
WCW/NWO SLAMBOREE- Returned in a match against The Giant and Sting with Kevin Nash. Later on turned on Nash and joined nWo Hollywood.
As for now, Hall is still one of the best wrestlers and remains true to the only REAL nWo, though lately his carreer has been wasted in a ridiculous angle.

Quotes from Scott Hall

Hall to Sting: "Dont sing it, bring it."
Hall to Bischoff before Eric joined the nWo: "So what I want right now, is for that fake-haired midget, that perty boy WCW lackey, that WCW Ken Doll Eric Bischoff... to drag his broken down a--butt, down to this ring, 'cause the Wolfpac has a little bussiness they want to take care of with him."
Hall to Bischoff: "You're a one sided biased piece of scum!"
Hall to Zbyzsko: "You dont want none of the wolfpac, you couldnt even beat my man, Easy-e, Eric Bischoff."
Hall to Goldberg: "Hey Goldberg, time to go to school you PUNK!!!"
Hall to Nash: "Hey, Kev, I got a lot of bosses, and you aint one of em."
Hall to Tony Schiavone: "Hey Tony, you better hit the stairmaster if you want to talk about my health."

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