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Bret Hart to the fans:"...all this time I spent trying to be your hero, all the years of dedication, all the times I missed my kids' school plays, I GAVE YOU FANS MY LIFE, and you boo me and spit on me. Well, you fans can kiss my ass!"

Nicknames: The Hitman, The Excellence of Execution, The best there is was and ever will be, Brett Hart (Billed as in Lonesome Dove)

Bret Hart:
Bret the Hitman Hart, a Canadian native, is the greatest wrestler of all time, bar none. In his illustrious career, the hitman has conquerred all, no matter how great Hollywood Hogan talks about being. Bret is a five time WWF champion, quite possibly the only time that belt has meant anything. For nearly 2 decades, Bret was loyal to the WWF, no matter how much money Eric Bischoff offered him. And in his final year in the WWF, Bret Hart was the only wrestler in that span that had any sense of dignity and poise. Like the old days, Bret remained true to tradition while scoundrels and queers like Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin were running amuck, lying and cheating. And it was with each of those men who Bret experienced his two darkest days in the WWF.

The match:Bret Hart and Steve Austin.
The date:???
What happened:It was WWF Raw, and it was an un-sceduled match between the hitman and the Rattlesnake. Much like a year before, but times had changed. Bret was the "bad guy", but at that time, the fickle American fans were completely lost. Bret and Austin fought in a grudge match and Bret controlled the first 6 or 7 minutes of the match, but then Austin got the chair and beat Bret sense-less with it, breaking his wrist and causing severe trauma to the knee, taking away his wrestling abilities for over 2 months. But the thing Bret said that bothered him most was the fans.
Bret Hart:"That was, undoubtadly, the darkest day I have ever had in the WWF. All the years, all the times of being a hero, of giving it my all...to see them, after each chair shot(from Austin), seeing the fans, these rabid hyenas, these hateful hyenas, yelling for Austin to do it again, do it again...it was unbelievable. It wasnt so much the physical pain that night, it was the emotional pain...that was the darkest day I can remember having there."

Bret Hart quotes:
Bret to Ric Flair:"I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, WOOOO!"
Bret to fans(in WWF):"...and the truth is, you Americans dont know what it means to have dignity, you dont know what it is to have poise, to bring prestige to the world wrestling federation."
Bret to fans(in WCW):"I'm sick and tired of being a hero, because if there is one thing I have discoverred here, its that being a hero is a thank-less job, that this bussiness is cut-throat, its nothing but a hall of pimps and liers, cheaters and back-stabbers."
Bret to JJ Dillon:"You said you were on my side, but you and WCW are just like everyone else. Its just another day and another dollar here in WCW."
Bret to fans:"You'd think after all I've done for you fans you could just show a little respect."
Bret to Mene Gene:"Who are you, little man? Who are you to judge me? For 22 years I have been working my ass off in the ring while you sat around making money critisizing wrestlers and being a sneaky little lier."

Right now:
Bret Hart is a member of nWo Hollywood and remains not only the best in the bussiness, but the coolest personality also. Whoever doesnt like him??? Take a hike, eh.

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