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Buff Bagwell
Still The Stuff

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"Because I'm Buff, and I'm still the stuff"

Buff Bagwell, an nWo hall-of-famer, has come a very long way since first being in WCW.
-Was tag-partners with Scotty Riggs when he first won the WCW tag team belts. He then won the belts 2 other times with Del Wilkes. It was then that Buff had long hair and wasnt as built. When Eric Bischoff said anyone from WCW could join the nWo, Buff was a taker as he turned on Riggs and ended his tag team they called the American Males. He defeated Riggs at nWo Souled Out 1997 and beat him in many more matches to come. Defeated Lex Luger at Starrcade 97 for a lable of the "nWo Total Package" but lost to Lex the next day on Nitro. Suffered a severe neck injury in the middle of 1998 and hasnt wrestled a match since, though Bagwell says he is going to return to the ring as fast as possible.

Quotes from Buff Bagwell

Buff to Arn Anderson:"Because I'm buff, and you dont have the stuff."
Buff to Arn Anderson:"And we both have very serious neck injuries. But let me just remind you that some people come back...and some people dont. (Laughs histerically)
Buff to Lex Luger:"I am 5 and 1 with you, Luger. And I dedicate this next win to Eric Bischoff. Lexxy, who the hell do you think you are, coming out here and suplexing the most influential man in wrestling today."
Buff to camera:"Because I'm Buff, I'm the stuff, and you cant get enough."
Buff to Scotty Riggs:"Because they wanted me. The nWo didnt want you, you see, because they dont take bums."
Buff:"Wait a minute, there, Eric. You're telling me that Larry Zbyszko is going to fight you? (Eric:Yep) And he thinks he has a chance??? (Eric:He thinks he can beat me!) (Both burst in histerical laughter)"
Buff to Arn Anderson:"Me and Eric have been sitting out here for weeks, listening to you talk about Flair and the 4 Horseman till we can PUKE!!!"
Buff to Arn Anderson:"So now that the challnge is made, why dont you put that witherred, nuerologgiclly defficient, toothpick you call an arm up here, and let Buff, rip it out of socket!!!"
Buff:"Because I'm Buff, and I'm the stuff."

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