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My Favorite Links

My Favorite Arizona Page
Visit one of my close Az. neighbors.
Cool Chat a Cool area to chat.
Kathy, A dear friend of mine from Canada. :-)
I can be found chatting on POW-WOW also it is great.
ICQ, A great personal chat box..
Another great place for info. on Arizona
A real SWEETIEE of a lady. She is a sweet heart also..
A very dear friend to me. *S*
Another of my Az. neighbors.. from POW-WOW *S*
A Real friend who loves TAZ
A great friend of mine.French Canadian learning english :-)
A great ADULTS ONLY chat area.
A chat area with lots of different chats.
Net Meeting
A sweet little friend of mine from Cali.

Howdy there, My name is Ron, I am trying to start this Home Page in order to get pics on here of people from Arizona, & people wanting to come to Az. I am 37 y/o male, single, no kids.But got me a sweet heart from Phoenix, Az. who I LOVE with all my heart, & I have asked her to marry me & she said YES!!! :-)Katie you know who you are. :-) I was born & raised here in Arizona & I love this state. I like hunting & fishing, & camping in the mountains here. I USED to work for Schult Mobile Homes here in Buckeye Az., Until I called the boss a LIAR, because he did lie to the whole plant & I told him "IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT"! I was at my job for 11 1/2 years, I loved my job & this kind of work, (building houses). Well now I work for Quincy Joist Co. we build steel joists & girders that hold the roofs of commercial buildings up, at times it is hard work, but thats the kind of work I like doing & it is only hard work if you make it hard. My family has built 3 of our own houses, including the one I am living in now. (we are redoing it now). We finally finished the house in March. it looks great on the inside, & next winter we will re-do the out side of the house. It is a wonderful feeling to live in a house you designed & built your self, it gives you great pride in your work. I will be Updating this Page as I go along. Well I am updating now on 2/7/99. (1 year after I started this page) hehehhehe. Yes I am a slow worker.. *LOL*. I have met a few people from the net in person, & let me tell you, it is a wonderful feeling to meet people, after chatting with them online, you can learn alot from them, as well as they learn alot about you. Here are a few of them I have met, There is Amy, (Penn.); Lisa, (Sedona Az.); Edna, (Canada); Koni, (Phoenix Az); Lori, (Mesa Az); Terry, (Tucson Az.); Arlene, (Idaho); Shelby, (Phoenix); Marilyn, (Phoenix); Kay, (Oklahoma); & now my true LOVE Katie, (Phoenix): We will be getting married on November 18, 2000. We only met 2 months ago but this whirl-wind romance seems to have gone the way for the good as we seem to have the chemistry together. Thats the only way I can describe it. :-) My dad got Re-married to a wonderful woman in Jan. 1999, & my Brother Kevin got married in Feb. 1999. & my other Brother Kirby was married in Oct. 1999 . WOW 3 weddings in one family in 1 year. Hows that sound for good odds? So if you want to contact me you can get me thru ICQ. I have updated this on 11/26/99, & updated again on 10/18/00 Well thats about all I can think of right at the moment.. I can usually be found on ICQ (3785995) or POW-WOW thru this address, so if you see me around just pop in & say hello to me.. Please sign my guest book. :-) Thank you.. *S*
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