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Thursday, 26 June 2008
Reiki - a pathwork for expanding intuition
Topic: Reiki

We all (male and female) have equal intuitive abilities. My experience of intuition is that it covers the gambit of all extra-senses which would include sensing/feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling.

Everyone expresses sensing/feeling at the most basic level. Like walking into a room and feeling welcomed or wanting to turn and run. And we all experience gut reactions to a new person we meet, partnership or proposal. We may be open or other. Part of our survival mechanisms. Each of us has a gift that is our main way of perceiving. Some see, some sense, some hear, some smell and some taste. I've talked with folks who have each as primary and one or more secondary. Usui Reiki Ryoho has many techniques which help develop and hone our intuitive abilities. In Shoden (the beginning teachings) the practice of hands on fills the body with energy and begins the wholing process. The breathing technique Joshin Kokyu reduces stress and clears the mind. While the Gassho Meditation begins our focus inward. It helps quiet the mind ('monkey mind') and still frenetic outer activities. 

As intuition develops it can include empathy, being able to sense what is going on with others... emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This empathic bond often expresses with siblings or parents/children and people/animals. Usui Reiki Ryoho Okuden (innermost teachings) offers techniques and symbols which expand the process of sensing subtle energy, building the compassion body and expanding intuition. The technique Byosen Reikan ho... scanning develops and hones our empathic abilities. The technique Reiji ho develops and hones these abilities further by getting the small mind out of the process. It creates an environment where we begin to trust as we allow Reiki to guide us to the imbalances. 

Our intuition develops further and we begin to intuit the astral levels, how/where many psychics read. Astral is where telepathy is honed. It is a 'free for all' zone where anything goes. A zone for coming to understanding about guiding forces, focus, stranding, attention, intention and more. Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden (mystery teachings) furthers the process of accessing other levels through symbol focus and Reiju 'energy blessing'.

As intuition develops even further we begin to access universal knowledge and have conversations with other beings. Some would call this channeling, it falls in the realm of conscious-channeling (having a conversation) rather then trans-channeling (another speaking through with self unconscious). In other words the person is fully awake and aware during conversations. We have access to all knowledge, other dimensions, levels, worlds, parallel worlds, universes and beyond. The universal level is where one hones discernment about energetic resonance, intention, where one chooses to focus and 'who is who in the zoo' so to speak. And makes choices about self, service and continuing pathwork.

My extracted presumption... whatever level access there continues to be refining and  honing of all levels of beingness.

If one is desirous of expanding one's consciousness Usui Reiki Ryoho is one of the easiest pathworks to under take. But all require dedication and doing for results.

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 11:58 AM MDT
Updated: Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:15 PM MDT
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Thursday, 19 June 2008
Angry Achy Anguish
Topic: Reiki

Been following the news on the Internet, about the earthquakes in China, Cyclone in Myanmar, Floods and Tornados in the US, Fishermen and Hauler strikes over diesel prices in the EU. Soaring gasoline and food prices worldwide, food riots from Haiti to Bangladesh to Egypt, incredible numbers of home foreclosures, massive credit card debt, GMOs, salmonella in fresh tomatoes, bickering politicians, governments not allowing aid, terrorism, banks in a mess, crashing stock markets, war, the list goes on... I could blog about this alone, but I won't.

In my own world I've friends scattered over the US. Two weeks ago a friend's sister called her in total despair because she couldn't pay rent, buy groceries, or gas. Afraid her dog would be un-cared for if something happened to her. She'd been without a job since September, used up all her financial reserves and now she's broke. She wanted to die. Though in worse financial shape herself, my friend sold enough to buy a plane ticket. Cheaper then renting a car and driving. She can't afford to buy a car or rent an apartment. Those things are expensive luxuries. She's not working now. She needs a car to get to work, because there's no public transportation in the area... so is between a rock and hard space. Wonders what she did wrong. Cares so much for her sister she'd sell her soul if necessary, to help her survive.

Another friend works full time with autistic children, just loves them. She lives alone. Rents a very small house, drives a small car and is frugal. But doesn't make enough money to meet her bills, buy groceries, insurance and gasoline. Had to buy heating oil on her credit card this past winter so she'd have heat. Her cards are maxed out now, interest rates have climbed to 30.99%. She's stressed and wonders how she'll ever repay the growing mountain of debt. Hopes for a miracle.

Yet another friend is on a fixed limited income. Her husband died 2 years ago. Now she's living alone in a house that is literally falling down around her. The floor is mushy and gives with each step. She fears she'll fall through it some day. Her windows don't close very tight and leak, so the house is drafty. Her water went out this winter. She didn't have the means to get it back on again. Been without running water for 6 months now. Sometimes she feels desperate. She heats with wood. It's very cold where she lives. More so this year that's why the water went out. It just snowed again the other day. It's June, her wood supply is gone. She's had to cut up downed trees in her yard to keep warm. It's usually in the 80s this time of year. Crazy weather.

I won't tell you my personal story, now. But I will say, the other day I drove trough the Village (VOC), which now feels more like southern California. Along the newly spiffed up multi million dollar road. Wondered why they took a perfectly good 3 lane road with easy access to all businesses on both sides and turned it into 2 lanes with curb median and 3, no 4 roundabouts? Much harder to navigate. Had a gift card a friend gave me for my birthday so I took myself to Oak Creek Brewery for lunch. It was very crowded and buzzing with activity. My lunch cost $22.44 and I ordered one of the cheaper items on their menu. Left the server who was very good a $5.00 tip. Would have liked to leave more. She only makes $3.75 per hour, to think people stiff her sometimes. Geesh! At least SHE is working. The shopping center Tlaquepaque, home to the restaurant was full and crowded. I walked around after lunch looking in the windows at all the pricey, foo foo, frilly things. Slam! Wham! Bam.... Grrrr.

Guess I've had another EPIPHANY or something. Now I'm really angry. Sorting, spitting fire angry. Koyaanisqatsi! World out of balance! What the hell is going on?

There's massive worldwide suffering, massive worldwide disparity and massive effects of global warming. And denial. The world is out of balance. The rich, get richer... waste and excess; and the poor and middle class get poorer... starving, poverty and suffering. The planet is being raped, pillaged and becoming a toxic waste dump. And too few people seem to care. I'm on overwhelm! My shoulders are tight, I don't know what to do.

Wait. Stop! I know Reiki, right. I can do something to help and I will. Yes. I vow, to myself and all sentient beings...

From this point forward I will send 'Reiki to the planet, the people and all life for the highest and best outcome what ever that be' 24/7/365 until there is positive lasting change or I make my transition, which ever comes first.

So be it.

Will you join in and help me from time to time in ways that you know how?

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 3:40 PM MDT
Updated: Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:16 PM MDT
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Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Energetic build up causing discomfort...
Topic: Reiki

I had the following Reiki question posed to me recently and thought that the question and answer would be a good blog subject.

The question relates to energetic build up. Many people are experiencing it and may not know what it is or how to cope with it. My answers can be applied in any situation where build up occurs.

Reiki Question: A group of about 9 trained Reiki people meet periodically and when sitting in a circle to apply beaming to each other one person gets so charged with energy, seemingly arising from the solar plexus that it almost becomes unbearable to sit through the process. She wants to get up and run to ease the build-up.  How can she deal with this as she is saying she doesn't think she can continue to meet with the group because the experience is so uncomfortable for her?  Would you know what is causing this?

My Answer: I think I may be able to shed some light. When a group of people beam Reiki/energy the energy is amplified by each practitioner in the circle. Just the same as it is when one receives hands-on from a group... the energy is said to be squared by each additional practitioner giving hands on. So what is being generated and experienced is a very large volume of energy indeed.

When energy moves up the spine and around the body through the energy channels, if there is a block in any area the energy begins to build up. As it builds, heat can be the first thing experienced and then pressure, then pain. When there is a block in the solar plexus energy center (chakra) it can be experienced in either the front or back of the body. In the front it usually feels like an extreme stomach ache (almost like being stabbed by a knife). At the back it feels like a sever back ache. A block in the heart energy center (chakra) may be experienced as pressure at the physical heart or as pain between the shoulder blades. Energy blocks can also be experienced as sciatic pain; gas, bloating and intestinal discomfort; a sore throat, tickle and/or desire to cough; as a splitting headache or pain in arms, hands, legs or feet.

This can happen whenever there is a great flow of energy and is not related to Reiki, perse. I've actually experienced something similar just walking on the land with friends, in restaurants and going to different towns for the day. In these instances it is most likely the result of the combined energy of the individuals, the location, the day and even the subject matter being discussed. Best to monitor, change discussions, locations, etc. and see if it dissipates. If it does not try one of the suggestions below or get in your car and leave; because sometimes just changing company/locations can begin to dissipate the energy.

So what can be done...
  • For immediate relief... I have found that a chiropractic adjustment of the spine helps me temporarily. Sometimes if the vertebra are subluxated it creates a block or pinch in energy flow resulting in pain. A quick method of adjustment is to have the person cross their arms high on their chest, a big strong someone stands behind grabs around the arms, lifts them off the floor and very gently shakes once. You should hear a pop. Never do this with force, nor to a person with back problems.
  • Energetic build up symptoms can also happen if the person isn't grounded. A quick way to ground is to grab the feet of the ungrounded person and feel them come back into their body. Try it with the group holding the person's feet and see if it works faster.
  • When there is too much energy... scooping it off of the area and throwing it onto the floor helps relieve excess build up. Do this until it feels different, cooler or less vibrant.
  • I would also suggest the person try to uncover the cause of the block and work on it with Reiki. Some things that can cause blocks... a past life experience of breaking the back or being stabbed in the stomach, causing death would be a remembered soul trauma. This may carry over as a block in one's energy field in this lifetime. A physical injury to the area; emotional trauma such as not feeling loved; or mental trauma such as not feeling supported financially or otherwise can also cause energy blocks.

To work on an unknown cause of a block with Reiki/energy... write on a piece of paper the person's name, age, location and condition (i.e. pressure/pain in solar plexus). Ask Reiki to work on the cause of the pain/pressure and hold the paper in hand until energy balances. To work on self put hands on area (solar plexus) and ask Reiki specifically to uncover, remove and heal the block in your body (cause, core, effect, record, memory and connection). Work until energy balances (5 minutes, 1 hour or more). Do this daily until condition resolves. Know that while you work on it with Reiki it may be possible for the energy to build again and cause discomfort until the core issue is released.

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 12:01 AM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 April 2008 1:21 PM MDT
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