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Thursday, 24 April 2008
On Void, Thought and Creation
Topic: Spiritual ponderings

The Void is emptiness, and stillness and nothingness, quiet and nonexistence. Nothing exists within the Void. Thought encompasses (contains) the Void and the Void interpenetrates Thought. It's impossible to separate the two, they are distinct and yet... One. They are so One that it is almost impossible to perceive, for the human mind... to perceive how One can be two, or two can be One. They interpenetrate one another so completely... that it just is. That they are. And they appear as One.  

There is a difference between Void and Thought. And yet Thought can take the appearance of Void, of emptiness and can take the appearance of All That Is, of Creation. Both. And the Void interpenetrates all Creation as well, so it is impossible to separate them. Wherever there is Light (vibration), which is Creation there is also Darklight, which is the Void. So there are the two, just as there are the two within the Void itself. But Light is not Thought, light is vibration. Darklight is not vibration. But the two coexist. Darklight interpenetrates Light, so Darklight interpenetrates vibration. Thought is not vibration; Thought is something else.

The Void is Darklight, emptiness, and nonexistence. The Void exists within Creation. It interpenetrates Creation. The two are separate and yet... there is a Void space where there is no Light (vibration). So Creation and the Void from that standpoint are separate, but the Void interpenetrates Creation. The Void was the beginning, before there was Light (vibration), Creation, Heaven, and Earth. And it takes the combination of the two Darklight or Void (Goddess) and Thought (God) to begin the Creation process. It was the coming together of Darklight and Thought, the decision to do something other that Created Light (vibration). And that is what created the polarities, the dualities, the worlds, that was the beginning...and from there it expanded.

One is not greater then the other, they exist within each other. The ‘masculine is better then', or ‘feminine is better then', is a human concept. There is nothing that is better then anything else. All are Equal, and all are Loved, because all are Creation. That is Creation, not the Parents of Creation. Parents are an accurate concept, but perhaps there is a better word. The Parents of Creation are Void and Thought (Goddess and God) and ‘All Creation' is Loved by the Parents.

There can't be one without the other, there are always both; even in androgyny there are both. And one is never greater then the other. That is the nature of this Creation. Darkness isn't bad, feminine isn't bad, negative isn't bad. It's the other polarity. And masculine isn't good, light isn't good, it just is, it just exists. The good/bad concept is erroneous; it is not one that can be applied in this situation.

Following are excerpts from the stories of Creation told in several religions, I enjoy seeing the similarities...

From Hindu Vedic Hymns, ‘In the beginning, Hiranyagarbha (golden womb/thought) floated around in water in the emptiness and the darkness of the non-existence (void)... then broke into two halves (darkness and light) which formed the Swarga (heaven) and the Prithvi (earth).'

From the Taoist Creation story, ‘In the beginning is Wuji, or Tao - an undifferentiated Unity (thought), beyond vibration (void).' ‘Tao is the nameless Void. Tao is considered by Laozi (great master) to be that which eternally gives without being depleted, and eternally receives without being filled. That which does not exist for its own sake is able to endure. The Tao is the ultimate force behind the Creation. With tao, nothingness gave rise to existence, existence gave rise to yin (darkness) and yang (light), and yin and yang gave rise to everything'

In Christianity the Bible begins Genesis 1:1-4, ‘In the beginning God (thought) created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and Void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep (void). And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be Light; and there was Light And God saw the light, that it was good: and God dived the light (yang) from the darkness (yin).'

Italic authors additions.

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 12:01 AM MDT
Updated: Thursday, 24 April 2008 3:10 PM MDT
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