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Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Energetic build up causing discomfort...
Topic: Reiki

I had the following Reiki question posed to me recently and thought that the question and answer would be a good blog subject.

The question relates to energetic build up. Many people are experiencing it and may not know what it is or how to cope with it. My answers can be applied in any situation where build up occurs.

Reiki Question: A group of about 9 trained Reiki people meet periodically and when sitting in a circle to apply beaming to each other one person gets so charged with energy, seemingly arising from the solar plexus that it almost becomes unbearable to sit through the process. She wants to get up and run to ease the build-up.  How can she deal with this as she is saying she doesn't think she can continue to meet with the group because the experience is so uncomfortable for her?  Would you know what is causing this?

My Answer: I think I may be able to shed some light. When a group of people beam Reiki/energy the energy is amplified by each practitioner in the circle. Just the same as it is when one receives hands-on from a group... the energy is said to be squared by each additional practitioner giving hands on. So what is being generated and experienced is a very large volume of energy indeed.

When energy moves up the spine and around the body through the energy channels, if there is a block in any area the energy begins to build up. As it builds, heat can be the first thing experienced and then pressure, then pain. When there is a block in the solar plexus energy center (chakra) it can be experienced in either the front or back of the body. In the front it usually feels like an extreme stomach ache (almost like being stabbed by a knife). At the back it feels like a sever back ache. A block in the heart energy center (chakra) may be experienced as pressure at the physical heart or as pain between the shoulder blades. Energy blocks can also be experienced as sciatic pain; gas, bloating and intestinal discomfort; a sore throat, tickle and/or desire to cough; as a splitting headache or pain in arms, hands, legs or feet.

This can happen whenever there is a great flow of energy and is not related to Reiki, perse. I've actually experienced something similar just walking on the land with friends, in restaurants and going to different towns for the day. In these instances it is most likely the result of the combined energy of the individuals, the location, the day and even the subject matter being discussed. Best to monitor, change discussions, locations, etc. and see if it dissipates. If it does not try one of the suggestions below or get in your car and leave; because sometimes just changing company/locations can begin to dissipate the energy.

So what can be done...
  • For immediate relief... I have found that a chiropractic adjustment of the spine helps me temporarily. Sometimes if the vertebra are subluxated it creates a block or pinch in energy flow resulting in pain. A quick method of adjustment is to have the person cross their arms high on their chest, a big strong someone stands behind grabs around the arms, lifts them off the floor and very gently shakes once. You should hear a pop. Never do this with force, nor to a person with back problems.
  • Energetic build up symptoms can also happen if the person isn't grounded. A quick way to ground is to grab the feet of the ungrounded person and feel them come back into their body. Try it with the group holding the person's feet and see if it works faster.
  • When there is too much energy... scooping it off of the area and throwing it onto the floor helps relieve excess build up. Do this until it feels different, cooler or less vibrant.
  • I would also suggest the person try to uncover the cause of the block and work on it with Reiki. Some things that can cause blocks... a past life experience of breaking the back or being stabbed in the stomach, causing death would be a remembered soul trauma. This may carry over as a block in one's energy field in this lifetime. A physical injury to the area; emotional trauma such as not feeling loved; or mental trauma such as not feeling supported financially or otherwise can also cause energy blocks.

To work on an unknown cause of a block with Reiki/energy... write on a piece of paper the person's name, age, location and condition (i.e. pressure/pain in solar plexus). Ask Reiki to work on the cause of the pain/pressure and hold the paper in hand until energy balances. To work on self put hands on area (solar plexus) and ask Reiki specifically to uncover, remove and heal the block in your body (cause, core, effect, record, memory and connection). Work until energy balances (5 minutes, 1 hour or more). Do this daily until condition resolves. Know that while you work on it with Reiki it may be possible for the energy to build again and cause discomfort until the core issue is released.

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 12:01 AM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 April 2008 1:21 PM MDT
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