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Friday, 25 April 2008
Topic: Spiritual ponderings

Creatorship comes from Soul not from the polarities. It comes from the Oneness of Soul. The knowingness of Oneness... rather then separation. Rather then seeing self as male and other as female or the other way around. It is the knowingness that you are One with all that is. The polarities will still exist; the polarities are part of Creation. So co-creatorship comes from Soul... not from polarity. Comes from the Oneness, the knowingness of Oneness of Soul.

Both are necessary in order to create. So what we are looking at is trinity. God is Soul. The other two arms of the trinity are the polarities darklight and light. You need the 3 in order to create. It's the Soul that actually creates utilizing the polarities.

We are all One, there is One stream of consciousness. I am not different than you. This is crux of the co-creatorship... actually what you are co-creating. It is co-creatorship of Soul and Creation. So because you are a creator you have the ability to manipulate Creation. And Creation by its nature is polarized. It has both light and darklight. So what you do is take the stuff of Creation and breathe life into it so to speak. The stuff of Creation is again polarity... Light being vibration or matter if you will and Darklight being Void space. So if you understand what you are doing, then you have the ability to bring the two together... to substance... to create what it is that you desire. And when you bring this together it becomes ensouled. When you have the knowing, the ability to be a true co-creator... that is what a true co-creator is, having the ability to bring light and darklight together into the form that you desire it to be and containing Soul. So it is your creation... is ensouled... whether it be a stone, a tree, a money system, a house it matters not. When you create at that level your creation has Soul.

So from that standpoint it is not about transcending duality (polarity). The concept of duality...Man as God is not duality at all in my understanding. Man is one type of vehicle for Soul (God) to experience within. Like a car vs. a van or a boat vs. a plane... a vehicle only. Man or physical body is a tent, a sacred temple or a vehicle for Soul to dwell within to experience Creation for a limited time. The combination of the two... is Hu-man or God (Soul) within Man.... without Soul (God), Man would simply be a husk or empty car without a driver. Both are necessary and sacred within this Creation.

The duality to be transcended is more a conceptualization. A misperception such as thinking of self as less then or limited by... so it ultimately self imposed.

© 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Posted by az/SpiritMatters at 12:01 AM MDT
Updated: Friday, 25 April 2008 7:06 AM MDT
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