Welcome to Speed central!
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Welcome to Speed central!

In 1994, first time director Jan de Bont directed his first movie. The movie was entitled Speed.

Speed is a intense action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as Jack Travern and Sandra Bullock as Annie Porter

The movie starts off when an elavator is hijjaked and is rigged so that if the police do not give the bomber a certain amount of money in forty-five minutes....he will blow the safety guards and it will plummet.

Enter Jack Travern, SWAT Team member, him and his partner Harry connect a crane to it. The bomber blows it early and they have to get everyone out. After they get everyone they find the bomber in a service elavator but he takes Harry hostage.

Jack shoots Harry in the leg and the bomber runs off and supposedly blows himself up.

A few days after a ceremony for Jack and Harry, the bomber puts a bomb on a bus and it is rigged. If the bus goes above fifty it is armed. Once it goes below it blows up. Annie Porter is on the bus because her drivers liscense was taken away for speeding.

Jack gets on the bus.

The driver accidentally gets shot so Annie must drive the bus with Jack helping her. He diverts it through the LA freeway and onto a runway. To buy them time they just keep circling. They end up taking everyone off onto another bus. Jack and Annie, the bus driver, get off and the bus goes into a plane and blows up.

The bomber then kidnaps Annie and takes her to the subway. He takes her into a subway train and has her holding a detanator. Jack comes and gets on top of it. The bomber comes on top and pins Jack to the roof. The train turns the corner and hits a light. His head gets knocked off.

Jack and Annie don't know that they have turned onto a dead end track. The speed up and it plows through a wall and onto an LA street.

Annie thought her adventures were over...

Annie and her new boyfriend Alex are in trouble now.....

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