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Welcome to THE website devoted to the new movie......Spider-Man.
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Who's Making It: James Cameron (Director, Screenwriter, [Producer?]); based upon the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

Premise: Peter Parker, a gifted high school student, is bitten by a spider that he subjected to radiation. The spider's bite produces an unusual side-effect for young Peter, resulting in spider-like strength and agility proportional to a human physique, as well as a mysterious sixth sense. Deciding to fight crime, Peter fashions a costume and constructs various devices to aid him in his adventures. (Further plot details remain shrouded until active development begins on the project.)

Release Date: Unknown. Has been pushed back numerous times. Active development cannot occur until legal procedings have been concluded.


March, 1997... MGM has aquired the rights to the Spider-Man film from Carolco.

Comments: If you were to ask James Cameron which comic book superhero was his all-time favorite, chances are you'd get this answer: Spider-Man. Cameron first began to voice his interest in bringing the web-slinger to the silver screen during development of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Once that film was released, Cameron went about trying to secure the rights to the property through Carolco, the same production company that had financed T2 (to the tune of over $100 million dollars). Although T2 went on to worldwide success (over twice the amount of its cost was made back), the bottom line was that Carolco was in poor financial shape. As creditors started making noise and the entertainment industry watched for the fire sale of assets, Cameron was trying to forge ahead pre-production of the project. With a name like James Cameron tied to the project, all the legal red tape would be a small matter.

Meanwhile, at comic conventions and in press release kits, news of the soon-to-be Spider-Man movie spread like wildfire. Fans were already casting the principal leads (Charlie Sheen or Keanu Reeves as Peter? Schwarzennegger as Doc Octopus or Nicholson as the Green Goblin?) Annoucements were made in the Hollywood trade papers of the project. Even promotional keychains were made, with a swinging Spidey zipping through the air on one of his web-lines, the type reading "SPIDER-MAN. A JAMES CAMERON FILM. COMING IN 1993". Unfortunately, that was not to be.

As Carolco floundered about, the legal mess intensified. The property could be the saving grace of the company, and it wasn't about to release its number one property without a fight. 21st Century Films entered the fray, filing suit that it had the film rights to the superhero. Then came two other law suits from companies who claimed to own the television and video agreements to the property. Lawsuit upon lawsuit upon lawsuit...

While all this was happening, Cameron was finishing up work on his first Spider-Man screenplay. The focus of the movie was on a young Peter trying to adjust to superpowers and the huge responsibility he feels now burdened with, as well as his on-screen nemesis, the Green Goblin. Stan Lee, one of the creators of the character, apparently loved the screenplay. But the court cases were still appending for the property's rights, and with his hands tied up, Cameron put the screenplay to the side and began work on his next film, True Lies. By the time he could be expected to have that picture wrapped up, the legal mess should be all resolved.

Of course, that didn't happen. By the time True Lies was released in the summer of 1994, the Spider-Man issue was still being decided upon. It was to a point that even the people who had been following the case from the start couldn't tell you the short version of who was suing who, for what, and why. There was no short version.

As 1996 begins, the Spider-Man project has been on the backburner for James Cameron for almost six years. And again, the director isn't sitting around waiting for the parties involved to sort things out. Cameron's next flick, Titanic, is scheduled for principal photography this spring. Whether or not the True Believers will get to see the adventures of that other hero who darts through the sky wearing red and blue spandex before the close of this century remains to be seen.

Rumors: Rather than list off six years of rumors, let's just keep it short and to the point, shall we?

Rumored to have been considered for:

Spider-Man: Charlie Sheen (who wants the role), Corey Nemic (Parker Lewis Can't Lose), Michael Biehn (ALIENS, The Terminator), Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness).

Who do I want: John Cusaak (Spider-Man)

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