Welcome to the Batcave!
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Welcome to the Batcave!

This site was last updated July 1, 1997.

I have a new page: The television view of the batcave. It is very cool and has pictures of the cartoon and television cartoon. It has news, info, links and all kinds of bat-info.

I also have another page:The film view of the batcave.It has pictures and all kinds of stuff.

Welcome to the batcave. Batman's secret base where he houses his Batmobile, Batboat and Batwing

It also houses the equipment needed to stop the villians of Gotham.

Batman is the ultimate hero. Wether he appears in comics, movies, television, or the shelf in the toy store......Batman reigns the superhero world.

When his parents were murdered before his eyes he vowed to protect everyone from his same fate.

He now dons the suit of a bat. He is known to the world over as BATMAN!

Dick Gayson was the first Robin, Batman's sidekick, and later became Nightwing when he thought he was too old for the job.

Then Jason Todd became Robin but then was murdered at the hands of Batman's arch-enemy, The Joker.

Now Tim Drake is Robin.

Batman has many enemy's who prowl the streets of Gotham.....

.....or live in the cells of Arkham Asylum.

The films of Batman have been widely succesful. My favorite ones in order are, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Batman and Batman Returns. George Clooney has put the best performance as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Michael Keaton was close.

Val Kilmer was good, but nothing like the comics.

Chris O' Donnel was a good Robin.

All the villains have been great.

The toys are always hotsellers.

The toys always make his suit spectacular and turn the whole franchise to a sci-fi tone. As shown above, that suit never would appear in the comic, cartoon or movies.

Batman's butler Alfred is in the cartoon, movie and comic book.

Alfred is a medic for Batman and a good friend. When his parents died Alfred became his guardian. In Batman & Robin he almost dies from Mcgregor's Syndrome.

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