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I Love My Cats

I've always said it was a good thing I don't own a ranch with a lot of land. I think it would have to be called "animal kingdom" because I would probably have every stray for miles around.

I've had a lot of pets in my life. Right now I have two cats, females.

Bella, she is a black and white persian. She weighs about 15 pounds and loves to eat, all the time.

Although she is a "big ol' fat cat" she is very playful, and she loves to be petted while on your lap and purring away. She is two years old. Mewsette, now she is the "Queen of the Persian Palace" A himalayan that is spoiled rotten. Not because I wanted to spoil her but because she demanded it. A pretty small cat really but she lets it be known that she was here first and she rules.

They are both actually very sweet and know exactly what time I'm supposed to get home from work. They wait at the front door and when I walk in they have so much to say...I think they are trying to tell me what the other one did all day while I was gone.

I also have a in Tucson. Pepper, he is a Paso Fino and really beautiful. To watch him in his gait is really a beautiful sight. He loves Werthers butterscotch candy and expects me to have a few pieces in my pocket every time I see him.

Friends forever, unconditional love

Now I ask you, is this attitude or what?

Be kind to animals

Teach your children at a very early age to be kind to animals. There is no reason for anyone to be cruel to a helpless animal of any kind.

Be kind to animals