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The Softer Side of Leather

Support the Red and White - Hells Angels Motorcycle Club - Bikers have never forgot the homeless veterans and the homeless tots They are loyal to their club and true to their bro's They will always wear black from their head to their toes. Society once said that long hair was for fags but you'll never see a biker burning a flag. The tatoos and leather, you don't understand It stands for independence that the bikers demand The long hair and patches and bikes with loud pipes, is a tribute to their freedom, the Stars and Stripes. Ride Safe-Ride Free In part by Wayne Haskell

Me & The Prez, Sonny Barger, An American Legend

Only in California do you find something like this, of course I'm talking about the bike.

Great cover don't you think....

Special Events

Well, as you can see the book is finished. It will be available here around May. The true story at last. Missed the Sturgis run in August. Oh well, there is always next year, at this rate I may have to buy my own Harley.