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My Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my online photo album. This page will be dedicated to my first love, Harley's and my second love, cats. It's dedicated to the founder of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Ralph "Sonny" Barger. A true legend of our time. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sonny for over 25 years. I will share a couple of pictures with you of The Man taken at a recent visit with him at his new shop in Phoenix. As for the cats, well they are the little furry creatures that live with me. They give me unconditional love, as long as I feed them that is. I hope you enjoy my photos. Please visit the home page of Sonny Barger and check out some of his merchandise. His autobiography is finished and at book stores everywhere.Sonny is touring all over the US and England to promote his book. The sales are incredible. The movie is in the works for release in 2000. Looking for someone to play his part as a young man, any suggestions? Anyway, enjoy and please sign my book on the main page, The Persian Palace

Sonny Barger, founder of Hells Angels MC

Sonny Barger - Phoenix-1999

The Man