Why the Trudeau Marketing Group and Nutrition For Life International
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Why the Trudeau Marketing Group and Nutrition For Life International

The Trudeau Marketing Group is one of the fastest growing Multi-Level Marketing programs in history! Established July 17, 1995, this business offers you a great Ground Floor Opportunity to create the income and lifestyle that until now you have only dreamed about.

Why the Trudeau Marketing Group?

There are several reasons why you should strongly consider joining the Trudeau Marketing Group and become an independent distributor for Nutrition For Life:

Ground-Floor Opportunity: In 1995, the Trudeau Marketing Group teamed up with Nightingale-Conant and Nutrition for Life. This program started July 17, 1995 and is only two years old and is an excellent opportunity to "get in" while the gettinís good! How many of us would have liked to open up one of the first McDonalds or Coca-Cola franchises? How about buying Chrysler stock in the early 80ís before it skyrocketed in price? Like these few examples, the Trudeau Marketing Group, in concert with Nightingale-Conant and Nutrition for Life, is an excellent opportunity to make a very successful and profitable business!

Well-Established Companies and Products: Nightingale-Conant has been a leader in the personal development industry for over 37 years. Their products consist mainly of self improvement and motivational tapes and tools. Nutrition for Life has been in business for over 12 years, producing some of the finest health and nutritional products available including filtration systems, food & weight management, vitamin & mineral supplements, herbal formulas, homeopathic & special formulas, Nutique hair & skin care systems, cleaning concentrates, and more to come this year!

National Advertising / Promotion: Kevin Trudeau and the Trudeau Marketing Group have committed to advertise on the radio, in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, and on television more than any other MLM in history! You may have heard the ads on the Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern radio talk shows, or you might have seen his ads in USA Today, The New York Times, Time, or Newsweek. Infomercials are running daily throughout the entire United States and can be seen on a regular basis!

Nutrition for Life is a Publicly Traded Corporation: Nutrition for Life is traded publicly on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NFLI. This means that Nutrition for Life is subject to full financial disclosure. This is a great advantage over other MLMís because it allows everyone to know the financial stability of the company. You can request an investor relations information pack by calling Melissa Cromwell at (303) 814-0557.

High Distributor Retention Rate: Most MLMís lose 50% of their new distributors after the first month they sign up, and may retain only 5% to 10% of all distributors over a longer period of time. Many distributors for Nutrition for Life have consistently shown a distributor retention rate of 95% to 99% over the last two years. With the Trudeau Marketing Group, the companyís average is 98% retention of distributors. This is largely due to the "Spill" factor because the down line distributors can still make money even if they do not sponsor one person! Your down line distributors are not going to quit this program if they consistently receive bonus checks! Would you?

The "Spill" Factor Effect: Limit of Only 4 People in the Immediate Down-line: Most MLMís have you sponsor as many people as possible with each of these persons being placed immediately underneath you. This gives you "width" in your down-line, but not depth, which is the key to building a stable and long-lasting business. The Trudeau Marketing Group places a limit on the number of people immediately under you to four. When a fifth person is sponsored, this person is placed underneath one of the four distributors already sponsored. This gives your down-line a "boost" and assists other distributors underneath you to create their own down-lines. This is truly a "People Helping People" business!

No More Product Ordering Hassles: Most MLMís require that you receive and combine the product orders of your down-line and pass the results to your up-line so they can do the same thing. This is not the case with the Trudeau Marketing Group and Nutrition for Life! Every distributor orders products directly from the company by calling a toll-free number! Thatís it! The products will be delivered direct to every distributors door. No more "Product Ordering Night", "Product Pick-up Night", or waiting by the phone for your down-line to call. No more paper work, it is all so easy!

The Order Assurance Program: In the event that you forget to order for any given month, a Product Redemption Certificate will be issued to you in the amount that you have previously selected, and debited from your credit card or checking account. This allows you to still be eligible for bonus checks within that particular month. It will also activate should you fall short of your minimum monthly goal, placing an order for the difference between the amount of your actual monthly order and the purchasing goal you have predetermined.

No More Paperwork: Nutrition for Life calculates your bonus and the bonuses of your down-line and mails these bonus checks to each individual. They even keep track of whatís been paid to each individual and will process the necessary paperwork come tax time. No more paperwork hassles!

High Quality Nutrition for Life Products: Nutrition for Life has assembled the finest products available. Our eight different product lines offer healthier alternatives for nutrition, personal care, and household cleaning. Years in the making, their advanced technology formulas feature top quality ingredients to enrich and enhance your life, and to safeguard our delicate environment for future generations.


Email: nol@asu.edu