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~* Friends *~

Hi! This page is all about my friends and also contains pictures of them. I have added their e-mail addresses, if they have one, and their homepage addresses, again, if they have one. You can find other friends' homepages, like those who I only know over the net, at my Linx to my friends' pages website. If you are one of my friends, and would like to be mentioned on this page, or just a passer-by, and would like your webpage added to my list, then e-mail me. Thanx.

These are my friends, and to see information about them just click on their name, or you can scroll down.  I am also making a page full of pictures of me and my friends, and of other miscellaneous events.  I will have it up soon.  



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Donna is a very funny and friendly person. She is great to hang out with if you don't mind having a good time. She's a bit crazy, but that only adds to the fun. Donna also plays bass drum in marching band, and bassoon in concert band.


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I have known Danielle since she moved here during seventh grade, and we've been practically best friends ever since, through good and bad times. She plays clarinet in the school band. She is also wonderful person to hang out with and talk to.


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Pascelle has been one of my best friends since fourth grade. She is funny, entertaining, and a great person to be around. After sixth grade she moved, and even though we haven't seen each other since, we still keep in touch.


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Kel is a great person and a good friend, even though we tend to make each other mad half the time. She loves to skate and is very good. She also loves dogs, especially hers. She plays piano and saxophone, and plays the flute & piccolo in the band.


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Steph just moved here last year, and we've been good friends since. She is a fun person to hang out with, and a nice person to talk to. She also plays clarinet in the band.


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Kristen is an awesome person to hang with. In band, we usually make fun of stupid little things, or make up stupid little things and get in trouble by the band directors :-). She also plays flute, and made the band webpage, along with help from others.


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Nicole is a fun person to be around and an easy person to talk to. We talk about almost everything. She is a guard in marching band, but since she doesn't play an instrument, for concert band she is the band director's aid.


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Isabel is a really great person once you get to know her. She is very shy, but fun to be with. All the good parties are held at her house. She used to play saxophone, but now she plays flute in the band, and was a guard this year for marching band.


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Tyler is new this year. She came half-way through marching season, or first semester for all you non-bandies. She played pit, but in concert band she plays oboe, and she's also in ROTC. She's a fun person to be around and knows how to have fun.<


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This is my new boyfriend. Josh is a senior and plays trombone in the band. We have been going out as of March 28, 1999. He is an awesome guy and a great person to hang out with. He is a really good friend too.


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Travis is a good friend of my boyfriend's. He used to play saxophone, clarinet, and the piano. He has an iguana and currently works on cars.


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David is a good friend of mine and a kewl person to be with. He's in ROTC, but not in band. David and I have been friends for a little bit over a year now, but it seems like longer. We talk about practically everything together.


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Daniel and I have known each other since around 6th or 7th grade. He gets on my nerves sometimes but I always forgive him. He's a nice person and a good friend. He plays percussion in the band.<


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Joey is one of my "freshman friends." He's okay for a freshman, although slightly immature at times :-). He's pretty kewl (only because he gives me pizza and fries at lunch) and is fun to hang out with. Joey, along with the majority of my friends on this page, plays clarinet in the band.


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Jeff, aka Sasquatch, is like a big teddy bear. I've know him for almost a year, and we hang out alot. He's fun to be with and has a great sense of humor. He's also in ROTC.


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Matt, or S.M.M.i.t.H. (Semi-Magical Matt-in-the-Hat) as many know him, is a good friend of mine. We've been friends since fourth grade, and we hang out in the summer simce we only live down the street from each other (recalls fourth-of-July with Beavis and Butt-Head...). Matt also plays clarinet in the band.


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Aaron is my ex-boyfriend and a good friend of mine. We have known each other for over a year now, and spend quite a bit of time together. Aaron was in band and ROTC last year, but went to a military academy for half of this semester, so he isn't in ROTC this year, but is going to be in band for the second semester, i think (he plays tuba).


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TJ and I are pretty good friends. We've know each other since summer band of our freshman year, and we hang out a lot too. TJ is a great guy to joke around with and be around, although sometimes he's weird and annoying. TJ is another one of my friends who are in the band. He plays percussion.


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Jason is new this year and is in ROTC and band (he plays french horn). He's a funny person and a fun person to flirt with. He's also a good person to hang out with.


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Mike and i don't really know each other very well, but he's a pretty kewl guy. He uploaded the pictures on my Pictures page for me (thanx mike). He's not in band or ROTC, but that's ok... i'll still be his friend :-).

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