Name Piccy Description Status
Episode 1
Skydive All players must jump out of an airplane which is 10,000 feet above the ground. If all player successfully complete their jump, they will earn $75,000 All player successfully completed the jump, however with some hesitation, and earned $75,000 for the group pot
ATM Pin # The players are brought into a room in which all the players statistics are shown on monitors. After sometime in the room, the players are asked to pick 2 players which have the best memory. Those players are asked to do equations to figure out what the pin # will be, and the #'s in the equations are based on the players stats. Then they must find the ATM that takes the card they are given and withdraw 500 francs, using the Pin # they found. They only had 3 attempts at withdrawing. This task would add $50,000 to the group pot. When asked to pick 2 players, Kathryn and Afi were picked to do the equations, and breezed through them. When asked if they would like somebody's help they picked Jim. Afi and Jim went on the bikes and went off to find the ATM. Jim had almost mislead Afi many times, but they still made it. After 1 try they had gotten the francs, and added $50,000 to the pot.
Episode 2
Boat, Car, Helicopter
Cartier Dilemma
Cornfield Maze

Week 3

The Bullfight
MVP - Jennifer
The Laundry
MVP - Henry
The Dice Game
MVP - Kate

Week 4


University Trap
MVP - Jim

Week 5

Three routes challenge
MVP - Jim, Jennifer, Kate, Charlie

MVP - Jim, Charlie, Kathryn, Steve

Week 6 

Fortress Challenge
MVP - Kate, Steven

Carriage of Knowledge
MVP - Kate, Steven, Kathryn

Week 7

Counting Sheep

Art Museum

Trust Me
MVP - Kathryn

Week 8

Three Questions

Three Rooms

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